13 comments on “An unexpected morning.

  1. Well, your son taking prority over us??!! My goodness!! Tomorrow I will be waiting with foot tapping!! However, except for missing the cuppa and talking to the veggies, it seems like a good trade for you. And I bet your son loved having you there too. 🙂

    • Yeah, I know… what kind of blogger am I when parental responsibilities take precedence over blogging? God knows blogging takes precedence over housework more often than not!

      It was a good trade and Number 1 was pretty happy to have his own cheer squad 😀

    • And earning huge brownie points with the two teachers who went along and didn’t have to stick a few extra kids in the boot of their cars 😉

      I also took extra towels (kids and water, you can never have enough towels) and got bonus points when some of the kids had forgotten a change of clothes and were going to sit on nice leather car seats covered in stinky pond water… bleh… I whipped out the extras and saved the day again!

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