23 comments on “Good weather for ducks.

    • He is usually far more attractive than he appears in this picture though! He is getting quite pushy now, he will cling onto the flywire on my kitchen window while I am doing the dishes in the hopes that I will speed up the next delivery. 🙂

  1. Is that poor bedraggled creature a king parrot? The weather has been very odd lately, and it is lovely to see the sun the last couple of days. But strangely, despite the rain and dull weather, the birds in our garden have been enjoying the bird bath!

    • King parrots generally look far more majestic don’t they. 🙂
      Yes, the weather has been quite strange. Today will be a beautifully warm 30deg but last week I was buying some wood for the fire because it was freezing!
      Now you mention it I have seen the bronzewing pigeons splashing about in the ground level bird waterer we have out there, including the one who stood forlornly tapping its beak on the empty bottom after I poured the grass-clipping filled water out of it after I mowed. 🙂

      • Yep, it was wonderful to see the sun the last few days. But now it is back to jumpers and socks. While I haven’t bought wood for the fire, I have been turning on the heater some nights. 😦 Oh, for the chance to whinge about it being too hot!

        • Oh no, I hate the heat! I’m an early summer whinger. 😉
          Those sunny spring days when the sky is blue and the breeze cool are perfect for me. Once it gets hot, and remains so, I get very annoyed! The family start quietly edging away and hurriedly leaving the room when things go pear shaped for me, they know when it is best to give me space! 😉

          • There used to be an airconditioning ad for the Gas and Fuel (Wow, does that age me!) with a little cartoon person and the line “You’re horrible when you are hot!” I always identified with it!
            I have to agree with you about Spring, but then I love the long days of summer.

  2. Awww…that actually brought a lump to my throat. We don’t get many of those little guys in my garden but your post has made me think perhaps I’ll start a new compost heap further from the house to provide a bit of a smorgasbord for those birds who don’t dare invade the maggies’ territory.

    We should swap pics of our vegies growing!

    • 🙂 it is nice to be able to feed them when they need it. I still see them as the Black Saturday refugees who turned up exhausted, scruffy and starving those years ago, although they are probably a whole new set of parrots since then….
      I don’t think parrots would go through compost, they turn their noses up at any fruit we offer them. They do seem to love unearthing the handfuls of sunflower seeds we throw on the grass though. We put some on the verandah rail to let them know the stock has been replenished and then the rest on the grass. It seems to alleviate fighting too as they aren’t jostling for space at the feeder and the hulls (and poo) stay on the grass for a bit of low level composting.
      It just means we have to check the surroundings before we let Jack out! She has started being able to ignore them and walk past the bravest of those who stand their ground. I still don’t trust her though!

      I’m glad to hear your veg are growing! I am wishing for more and more plots to plant in, I even got the Man to put up some hooks for hanging baskets out the front just for a few extra places to grow with minimum shovel effort from me….

      • lol – I guess your parrots prefer seeds. Can’t say I blame them. Speaking of birds, we’ve now seen a really different looking bird pecking for worms near where the alpacas do their poop [you would not believe the amount of worms under the poo!]. The first time I saw one of these bird the word egret popped into my head but I’m pretty sure that can’t be right. Big body, fairly long legs, looong neck, long sharp beak and a mostly white head [the rest is nondescript grey brown]. I tried taking a pic but as soon as I went outside it flew away. Any ideas?

        Re vegies just planted a swag of different tomatoes – some in pots on the deck and some out in fenced off bits of the garden. Still have some chillies to plant out. Then I need more lettuce, and spring onion…. lol

        • Could your visitor have been a (white faced) heron? We don’t get them in the garden but I see them in town all the time. We have a lot of ibis here, they act like seagulls, just bigger! They pick through the bins in town and hang about on the footy oval. I have even see one trying to get into our chook run to get at the girls food!

          Happily, the planting is never ending isn’t it? I just wish I could make them grow faster so I could cycle them more. 🙂 I need more lettuce space too… More carrots…. And where the heck am I going to put the extra cucumbers? 😀

          • I’m no bird expert but I think the legs on these guys aren’t long enough for herons. But maybe the ibis? I’ll try and take a pic through the window next time it appears.

            You’re growing cucumbers? I’d love to grow them but I figured they’d need too much water. Hmm… you’ve got me thinking now. 🙂

          • The ibis have long curved beaks, and are becoming more and more widespread, it might be one… I’m interested to know what it is now!
            Yes, the Man already put some cucumbers in his veg plot and I have one that I am trying in a hanging basket too. Who knows, it might work, if not I’ll know for next time. 🙂
            You could try putting one in a self watering pot, that way it won’t need watering from the top. I’m trying everything anywhere just to see what happens! 😀

          • About 5 years ago I tried growing pumpkins, but it was during the great drought so of course the poor things shrivelled and died. I might just try a couple of cucumber plants to see how they go. Like you I love the sense of discovery that goes hand in hand with gardening. You’ll have to keep us updated on all your plants over the summer.

    • They are nice and funny birds but impatient feeders, that means getting the occasional nip when you are feeding them. Sometimes not a nip, it is more like a sharp squeeze with a pair of pliers! Ouch!

      I think the weather all around the planet has been a bit unexpected lately. It is coming up for summer here so extremes of cold and warm aren’t too unusual, but that doesn’t stop us from whinging about the weather anyway! 😉

  3. At least he had the grace to allow you to shoot him! 🙂 I kept wondering what the birds were doing here during the hail storms we’ve been having – just imagine hailstones as big as a cricket ball plummeting down and hitting a little bird! Awful.

    • When I took this picture through the back sliding door I was standing next to where we keep the seed container, he knows which side his bread’s buttered on, he probably wouldn’t have left no matter what! 😀

      I saw pictures of those huge hailstones, frightening! I expect birds would get up close to tree trunks when a storm like that came through, you have to imagine that some would be caught short though… 😦

  4. Ah, November weather is doing its usual random selection. I moved my uggies to the storage room but that’s it, I’m not doing any other summer-izing yet.
    I’m just amazed, and slightly envious, how friendly your King Parrots are. They are such beautiful birds, even when wet and hungry. Your little band are lucky to have you as generous neighbours.
    It is possible they are the same bushfires refugees, as we have a Rainbow Lorrie identifiable by a mangled foot & proprietary attitude who’s been coming around for more than 8 years 🙂

    • I’d be pleased if they were still the same birds. Unless they have an injury or some other distinctive marking it is hard to tell, they all look the same!
      We don’t really encourage them to be that friendly, he is the only one who will jump on you although many of them will let you walk past them quite closely now where before they scattered.

      The Man had an interested visitor when he was charging the battery in the 4wd over the weekend, a different bird landed on the bullbar and wandered about under the bonnet while he was leaning on the guard!
      He was amazed that it was so forward, and when I went out a short time later it was back and doing it again. I guess they know when they make their presence felt here food is likely to be forthcoming. 🙂

      The weather for the last few days has been fantastic, I’m sure it won’t last for long so I am enjoying it as much as possible before it gets too hot or starts raining again. I have been wearing thongs every day at the moment, I can see all my boots will be packed under the bed soon enough!

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