23 comments on “Yippee for the rain!

  1. I’m guessing you got the rain that has been inundating (again) the Queenslanders and the northern east coast of NSW… at least someone is happy 😉 We had showers, rain, strong winds and incredible humidity* over the weekend but nothing like they had up north. I’m happy for your garden. Over Christmas when it was so hot that when it did rain I considered emulating the farmer in your cartoon… sometimes it’s just too hot. *Only a couple more days until Autumn, my favourite season 🙂

    • The heat has been awful everywhere lately, hasn’t it!

      Luckily we haven’t had the same extreme rain that they have been having up north but I just heard on the radio that heavy falls were forecast in the areas that have been burnt lately. That meant they were giving warnings to look out for landslides and loose debris along with the rain.

      Autumn is one of my favourite times too 😀 happy happy happy…

  2. I love the rain after really hot days, here in Tas it is something quite different to the brilliant storms and light shows of NW Qld, and the smell. What is it about rain smell??

  3. Me doing happy dance too! I’ve felt so energized all day. No 774, no cricket, no boring blah blah, no checking the CFA website. I’ve been working and listening to /my/ beloved music since I woke up. Slept well too. Even the alpacas look happy as they snuffle around eating fresh grass as soon as it pokes its head into the air!

    • I have been listening to 774 on and off today, some places are in danger of an out of control fire and others are getting high winds or flash flooding and large hail warnings! Ahhh Victoria, we love you 😀

      The chooks were none too happy with the rain, they are still so young that rain is not a familiar thing for them and they seem quite offended by the lack of dust and sunbathing!

      What a wonderful wake up the rain was this morning eh? Bring on Autumn I say!

      • I haven’t checked the status of the fires today but I thought I heard some areas in Gippsland got some rain where the fires were/are. I guess we think of Victoria as being pretty small but it’s the size of some countries so mixed weather makes sense.

  4. You’re welcome to it! roads flooded more falling trees, beach erosion on both the Gold and the Sunshine Coast and my air con is set to permanent ‘de-humidify’ as I watch the corners of my books curl like fallen autumn leaves 😦

    • I did think of you when I saw the news reports of more flooding up north. I can’t believe that some parts are having their fifth flood in a year…. So much for dry Australia! Your poor books 😦

      Listening to the radio after I posted this they were giving flood warnings and ‘an out of control bushfire is heading towards the town of … it is too late to leave your home, please stay off the roads and activate your bushfire plan’ warnings for Victoria all at the same time. When the weather changes it really lets loose doesn’t it!

      • It’s a shocker ain’t it? some poor people are being flooded for the fourth and fifth times in a couple of years. We had about four or five years of continuous drought when we first emigrated here, nothing as bad as Victoria seems to get though. I remember when I visited Melbourne at Xmas 2006 flying over and looking out of the airplane as we came in to land and just seeing swathes and swathes of dusty brown scenery, from the air it can be incomprehensible how vastly Australian weather can affect the landscape. All this rain has been conducive to being holed up in the Uni library getting some research done though!

        • I bet it has!
          It is amazing how varied the weather can be just in Victoria, let alone the whole country. Our valley is beautiful and green most of the year but a few weeks of unrelenting heat and it browns off. Even after this rain I could dig a hole in the garden and the soil would be completely dry a few inches down. Our version of big rain is nothing compared to what real rain is in other parts of the country.

    • 🙂 Recently the tiny amounts of rain we have had have done nothing but make the air so humid it is like wading through soup, yay for this cold rain! Can you send a little bit of your cold our way too?!

    • ooops… didn’t mean to post yet 😀 … was saying I too LUV the smell of rain on the parched earth. Reminded me that, when teaching in Seattle, USA, where they predict “sun bursts” I was amused to see the 7 year olds rush to the window, when the sun came out, to gaze in wonder… Then back home I realised that our children do that too when the first of the rain comes. They looked in awe and loved tracing the raindrops down the window. One keen little fellow used to love to race outside and stand under the broken drain pipe to have a cool off :-D… ha ha ha

      • 🙂 The front part of our verandah has a bodgy gutter so heavy rain will make it overflow, I can’t tell you how often we have all stood out there on the steps and been happily beaten by the downpour, what a lovely thing rain is after the dry 😀

        I can’t imagine the kids being that happy to see the sun come out 🙂

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