22 comments on “Flowers and grovelling apologies.

  1. Welcome back you naughty thing! I was starting to worry something horrible had happened to keep you away. That’s the one bad thing about making friends online – you can’t tell when they need a pot of chicken soup or a block of chocolate. As you’re clearly alive and well – apart from the blisters – I’ll eat the chocolate myself. :p

    And that orchid is simply beautiful. I wonder if that’s why beauty evolved in the first place?

    • Well, there is never a reason to avoid chocolate as far as I’m concerned! 😀
      Sorry for worrying you, I didn’t realize it had been so long until I read the messages a few of you had left, then I felt terrible!
      They are beautiful orchids. Some types do their best to hide and others like these are out there trying to be noticed, I wonder how the critters that pollinate them see them?

      • lol – forgiven. 😀 Given that most animals [not sure about insects] don’t have great eye sight it would be amazing to get a bug’s eye view of the world.

  2. Oh so you’ve been off having a life… ah well, someone’s got to do it 😉
    I’m please you’ve at least been taking pics – the Donkey Ear Orchid is fantastic, I’m quite mesmerised by the shape of the ears.
    Ah, yes Bloody Telstra. I’d suggest giving them a call but given the amount and quality of redundant conversations I’ve had with the CSRs of the past couple of weeks, I wouldn’t bother. It will only add to the angst. I read Bloody Telstra are making more staff redundant. Unfortunately there are still enough left to be annoying.

    • It was partially having a life and partially stomping off angrily when I reconnected my intewebs for the hundreth time that day. I usually check my emails obsessively but it got to the point where I didn’t even bother turning it on for that for days at a time. Of course that didn’t help matters, when it came time to get them I just walked away for ages and left the computer until it sorted itself out!

      I have given up on complaining to Telstra too. All you get is frustration and no resolution. If I was a suspcious sort I would suggest that is their business model, larger profits come when there is no delivery of actual service!

  3. Beautiful orchid!
    Does absence make us feel fonder of a flower’s aroma?

    (During your absence, I nominated you for a Liebster Blogger Award… did you find that?… LOL)

    • They are a really interesting shape aren’t they. 🙂
      Now you mention it I did see that award comment… I’ll have to get onto it! Thanks. 😀

  4. I was actually hoping that you had won tattslotto and taken off on adventures. Instead you were having adventures in your own backyard! No grovelling apologies are needed, because (1) it is just good to have you back in our little patch of the bloggosphere and (2) you have brought flowers. That orchid is gorgeous — gorgeous and mower repellent!

    • Oh, Tatts. A dream come true! If only I didn’t have to wake up and find that the bank account is still a few million short of my dreams. 😉

      I love that one single type of flower can keep the Man and his mower at bay. If only they would take over the whole garden and drive out the weeds it would be a wonderland out there. Unmowed of course, but pretty just the same. 😀

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