29 comments on “Wolfe’s Schnapps. 1895.

    • Thanks, I was pretty happy with them too!
      Judging by the illustration in that bit of advertising it isn’t good for baldness or your eyesight though is it! 😉

  1. What a wonderful find. I’m just amazed you managed to walk out with just one item! I collect old cups and saucers so antique shops draw me like Mecca. I wish I could find the provenance of some of my little ‘finds’.

    I wonder if all that cleaning woke a genie from your bottle? Something sent us some fantastic rain. Thank you Metan and thank you Wolff’s. 😀

    • I have become adept at restricing myself to one purchase only, unless it is an extreme circumstance of course. It is just up the road though, so I can go back any day I choose and still keep to my one purchase only rule…. 😉

      Number 2 collects bits of china, broken and intact, and we always wish we knew the stories behind everything he buys. I love being able to find these old adverts for the bottles 😀

      I would like to find a genie bottle though, especially a rain calling one!

  2. Love the second picture… now who would do that? I found an old mini urn with Stones Geen ginger wine ok nit. It’s gorgeous, if I didn’t love it so much I might send it to you…

    • I think they might have stopped around the early 1900’s. Originally the schnapps was made in Holland but then moved to New York. It became so well-known that it seems that it was hard to get in full strength as on arrival it was immediately diluted so the importers could make more money!

    • When I was delving into its history I thought of you 🙂 On a bit of advertising from 1895 an address for the sole manufacturer and importer of Udolpho Wolfe’s was given as ‘18,20 and 22 Beaver Street New York’

  3. Great bottle, love the green – it came up nicely. It’s lovely to browse and find old treasures for only a few dollars that you can by your own efforts turn into something special, and research the history as well… Or you could go… oh I got that at Ikea…

    • I loved the green too, it is very different from the other coloured ones I have.

      Just like you, I love finding those kinds of things, they are like double treasure. The finding and the buying, then later the tracking down of the history of the contents.
      I always try to imagine where the bottle has been and how it ended up in my hands. I always think to myself that this bottle was probably buried in the ground waiting to be discovered before nearly every human on the planet was even born. What an amazing thing!

      When I mentioned to the Man I had blown a few bucks on another bottle he fell about feigning horror at the wasted money. I quickly pulled up a page from ebay where the very same bottle (well, almost the very same, he couldn’t tell the difference) was for sale for between $55 and $99. That shut him up…. 😀

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    • Glad you liked it 🙂 I have a few old bottles and have found advertising for most of them but it is mainly a tiny bit of writing (like that at the top of the crocodile picture) tacked onto the end of a large article about shipping arrivals or other boringly un-postable things. To find the crocodile picture was great and meant I HAD to post it 😀

  5. Found a small portion of glass with the word SCHIE on it on Avalon Beach (Victoria) (An old friend of mine is Norwegian of the mane SCHIE – so he was impressed) And now know where it came from because of this little notice. Thank you very much.

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