14 comments on “Chardeva, Beard Stealer. 1953.

  1. Hello, with all you period trawling through the Press then something you might be interested in is the Oxford English Dictionary’s appeal for instances of the earliest uses of words and phrases.

    I saw “blue arsed fly” on their list and thought of you, but I checked back and saw it was you using it, and not from an old source. If you are interested their appeal list can be found here: http://public.oed.com/appeals/

    • Thanks to you I didn’t get to bed until some ungodly hour of the morning after having a poke around for something newer!
      I can see that this will be an ongoing project now, there must be something newer than the one they have!

      • I just thought that as you trawl so much through old documents it might be of interest, but… they’re looking for older, not newer! Good luck though.

    • I wonder if rat licking as an alternative hair removal would garner any public interest? I think that people would probably spent all night shrieking in horror at the smallest touch of a ratty tongue.

      Stubble would be the last thing on their mind when they haven’t slept since the rat fashion started 🙂

    • I was really surprised, when I googled -chardeva beard- only three things came up and this article was one of them (before I posted).
      No matter how obscure the things I find in the papers generally there is something somewhere else about them. I was really interested to see how truly obscure this one was 🙂

    • As I was writing the post that term dropped into my head, there was no way I would have been able to resist using it, even if I had to rewrite the entire thing to include it! 🙂

  2. I’ll warn the G.O. to look out for suspicious looking possibly razor or Veet bearing rats, and avoid any sort of hand shaking… I had a mental picture of a hairless, genital-less, gold toothed man… it wasn’t pretty 😉

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