21 comments on “Happy Halloween.

  1. The same with Halloween here. That film upset our cats, it did. They’re sensitive to babies crying and other cats screaming! It makes them run around the house and get all the others worked up.

    • Sorry about that. Maybe it was the quiet evil of Vincent Price that upset them…. 😉

      I look at halloween the same way I look at valentine’s day, they have been turned into an excuse for making money and the original traditions have been completely forgotten. Christmas and easter are the same, christmas decorations have already been in the shops for weeks and the easter eggs will be on the shelf on boxing day. Bah humbug! 😀

    • The kids were grumpy about not being allowed to trick or treat, “awww, but everyone at school is going to!”. Of course we were not bothered by a single one and my point was made! 🙂

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  3. That is quite a movie — Dr Seuss meets Vincent Price! Abercromby the Zombie Dog was great, that trusting look before he gets zombieifed.

    How’s the internet connection lately?

    • The internet connection is fine at the moment, just like the weather. I’m sure the two are connected as we lose tv sometimes when a storm is rolling in. I’ve notice a bit of aerial work going on at the moment though so maybe the complaining is reaching critical mass!

      I love the name Abercrombie for a zombie dog too, and when he was languishing in his room and his terrible jailer/mother came and spoke so horribly/kindly to him I couldn’t help but laugh. 😀

  4. It was strange, the shops were full of Halloween stuff but the few houses I saw decorated were done with homemade pumpkins. We saw only a few little kids with their parents, dressed up for trick or treat but they didn’t look like they were doing the rounds, more like off somewhere for a party. Good to see that Halloween hasn’t got a stranglehold fully yet 🙂 Clever film clip. I think I’d prefer trick to treat.

    • I didn’t see a single decorated house here and there was a lot of halloween stuff in the shop being marked down this afternoon…. I wonder if it will ever catch on?

      There were a few small things that I bought for the boys for a later date, glow in the dark skeletons etc. I will drag them out next time we go camping so they can enjoy romping around in the darkness but it won’t be for halloween purposes.

      • Ahh, excellent idea, re-purposing an American tradition for an Australian. Halloween doesn’t do it for me, but I quite like the idea of Day of the Dead, having a party with those on the Other Side.

        • A Day of the Dead party sounds great, I love the idea of making a new tradition or borrowing someone else’s. It is this whole money making tradition the supermarkets are trying to foist upon us that just makes me mad.

  5. It’s getting pretty big in our corner of SE QLD…..annoyingly because my ‘kids’ are mid to late twenties but the street we live in is full of kids in their tricksy treating prime! I’ve done my bit again this year and filled the neighbourhood’s kids with too much candy from Woolies……for my sins.

    • Aaahh, you can become that Lady Up The Street; beloved by over-sugared children and hated by parents trying to get them to bed later in the night… 😉

  6. I have to admit, I would trade every other holiday, including Christmas, for Halloween twice a year. We of course do the trick or treat schtick each year. I love the aesthetic of the holiday, and the idea that any “unacceptable” parts of our personalities are not only acceptable but allowed to be absolutely flaunted for that one magical night a year. I like the idea of creepy and spooky and ghoulish tricks waiting around every corner. I love the organic smell of dying leaves that fills the air like plumeria when you step off a plane in Hawaii. Most of all I like that it celebrates the quiet, somber, introspective atmosphere of everything preparing to die.

    I’m not morbid. I just like that there’s a night for freaks like me. I live in an almost exclusively Trump worshipping county, so every day for me is spent as a bit of a freak in the eyes of those around me. And wondering, looking at the hoard of them, what makes me the freak as I sometimes feel like the only one who’s not drunk the Kool Aid. It’s nice to have a day set aside for the celebration of freakdom. 😆

    • I love what you’ve said about Halloween, kind of makes me want to celebrate it myself! If only people looked more deeply at the origins of those traditions than seeing nothing more the costumes and candy.

      I really wish our societies recognised death and endings and differences as part of life rather than treating them as something to be kept quiet. As for being the only non-trump freak in town that is definitely something to be celebrated. Just quietly though, being the only one at the trump sucks parade will attract the kind of ‘burnt at the stake’ attention I’m sure you’d rather avoid…

      (There are some like-minded and articulate trump haters at Pinks blog if you want some entertaining reading while you’re trying to ignore the nicotine monster. 🙂 )

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