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I live in a small town in Australia, the best place in the world, with my partner and our two wonderful kids who supply us with a constant stream of entertainment. We love our country and given the opportunity we would spend our lives travelling around it. Unfortunately the money for petrol has to come from somewhere and the kids need an education so our holidays are like the ad breaks in our otherwise normal lives.

I love a yack so this blog gives me the chance to do that even when I am home alone and supposed to be doing the housework. It also gives me a forum to share the old newspaper articles I am addicted to. This way I can rant about them without seeing your eyes glaze over…

If there is something you want me to write about let me know, as I’m always likely to have an opinion about things.

78 comments on “Stuff About Me

  1. Love it, thanks for coming over to Mother Beader & Coffee Lover. Love your style already. I also drive a ford (a much newer one than those shown, lol).
    I will say one thing, when you get to drive around our country you will LOVE it. We have driven quite a lot (missed WA, and parts of Vic/Act).
    I look forward to reading more of your work 🙂

    • I don’t see the ute doing too much in the way of long trips for the forseeable future, Mum, Dad, two kids and the dog. Only three seats in the ute… Man of the House and I will have to wait until the kids are grown before we can take it too far. For now it will have to be the 4WD and caravan, still fine by me and far more luxurious than our old days of whatever we could carry on the motorbike!

      We haven’t made it to WA yet either, we have seen a fair bit of this corner of Oz, and in 2010 we went from Vic to Alice Springs etc. We have been to the beautiful Flinders Ranges a few times and are planning to go there again later this year. If only we could win Tatts we could afford to see all the things we want! (and finish the ute…)

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. Metan, thats a nice blog you got there. Some of the posts are cute and funny 🙂 By the way, we are still waiting for that book review from you 😉 Also, thank you for visiting our blog and liking it 🙂

    • Thanks! Ok, here is my review… I really enjoyed the Terry Pratchett book [insert any title here]. It was extremely funny, making me laugh out loud on many occasions. I would highly recommend it to anyone with a sense of humour, alive or dead. Go and buy it right now! (I haven’t read a Pratchett book yet that this wouldn’t apply to)
      I will be back to read more of your reviews, anyone who consistently gives 5/5 to Discworld is my kind of blog! 🙂

      • Lol! Great review Metan! However, I think after a while we might have a problem getting readers to believe the eerily similar reviews 😛 However, I’ll make sure I add a footnote of “you can really on him for recommendations” to the posts!

        Have a great life and we’ll see you at!

        Cheers! 😀

  3. Yay! A fellow aussie 😀 I live in a semi-rural fringe suburb of Melbourne. No utes in the family but we do have kangaroos, wallabies, blue tongue lizards, one very big, fat echidna, cheeky magpies, kookaburras and diverse imports such as horses, alpacas, dogs and cats. I know we have snakes but I’ve only seen one ‘maybe’ snake so far.
    Looking forward to more posts from the real country 😀

    • 🙂 Wow! I’m loving the sound of your menagerie! We only have our tiny dog Jack, we are too lazy for proper pets. Lazy, and we like our camping holidays so we don’t want to inflict our pets on other people too regularly! Our block has a lot of natural residents though, poor Jack has to live inside when no-one is home as she is such a cute and delicious entree she won’t last long out there on her own!

  4. Great Blog Metan and very informative…and dare I say Funny. Enjoyed Tim Minchin when I wasn’t sure I would but that’s probably because acflory and her Alpaca stories have slowly warped my mind.
    Best of luck,

    • Thank you, kind sir 🙂
      I think it helps to have a pre-warped mind when first listening to Tim Minchin, Alpaca stories could definitely help with that…

  5. -blush blush- totally stuffed up on the instructions and now I’m so jealous I didn’t think of your 3. and 6. Admittedly history is your area of expertise but I LOVE scrabble. Ok. After dinner I am going to go fix up my website so I can pretend I knew how to do all this stuff all along 😉 -hugs-

  6. I was very excited to be nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by the lovely acflory yesterday and when I went by barsetshirediaries today I saw another award nomination! It was completely unexpected to get one, let alone two and I am very grateful to have been nominated by both wonderful people!
    Following is the comment I left on barsetshirediaries, I thought I had better bring it over here too or having the award in my sidebar looks a little like I awarded it to myself!!

    I’ve just come back to re-read acflorys list and what do I see? A blogger award for me! (it rhymes, but it isn’t poetry…) Thank you, thank you, kind sir

    I would like to take full credit for the scouring of the newspaper offices, but I suspect that there is some poor dust-covered person at the bottom of the office hierarchy supplying my on-line needs. I do have to be creative and persistent in my searching, and am quite good at digitized document correcting now, so I will pretend that I have earned this award through my hard labours instead of from the comfort of my couch… I will dedicate half of my award to the unnamed, dust-covered, office gnome though

    My five bucket list items…hmm..
    1. Get the children to school on time by my own efforts, not those of ultra organized son number 1.
    2. Learn to crochet.
    3. Drive across the Nullarbour.
    4. Build a proper vegie garden.
    5. Find that ever elusive article about the badly-behaved Margaret Shaw in the newspaper archives. (My GGG Grandmother and the whole reason I started blogging in the first place!)

    Now I have an embarassment of riches in blogging awards, and my head may have swollen to a large enough size to make it difficult to fit it into the car to pick up the kids!

  7. How on Earth did I miss that ‘Stuff about me’ is as funny as your ‘Addicted to History’?
    Your bucket list No.2 is admirable. I tried it once and ended up with more fingers that I started with.
    No 3 .If I remember rightly this is a desert? Please beware any ancient battlegrounds
    No 4. Remember Sprouts are NOT a veg but a punishment so don’t grow them.
    No 5. Is this so you can relive the episode annually as family tradition?

    • 🙂 I am letting down the family line by not being able to knit or crochet successfully, my mum (and late nan) is able to knit a jumper seemingly without paying any attention while watching the tv. I start well, but 2cm later the crochet hook is trapped and I am ready to throw it out of the window! If only I was as good at it as you I too would be able to whip up a few extra fingers…

      Yes, the Null arbour is sans trees, It is still a battleground though, with trucks and the caravans of the grey nomads battling it out every day.

      NO sprouts.

      According to records it wasn’t just one time. After being transported from England for highway robbery she was regularly sentenced to solitary confinement with bread and water for her bad behaviour in Van Diemens Land. Absconding, multiple counts of drunkeness, swearing at the masters children, not a great example of rehabilitation really!

  8. My goodness! Not only did easyondeyes nominate me for the Versatile Blogger Award, but hours later I also find the message;

    I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award here:

    Love your history posts!

    I want to thank you both very much!

    I read both of those blogs regularly and enjoy them greatly.

    The girls from easyondeyes have set themselves the unenviable task of reading (and reviewing) 366 book in 2012. Now, I love to read but that is a superhuman effort! They have wide-ranging tastes so have a look over there, I am sure you will find a review that will pique your interest.

    Over at Map of Time jgburdette has a great history blog, telling us much of the little-known backstory behind an event or person, always with great pictures.

    In order to fulfill my obligations to this award I have to tell you seven thing about myself, I will confess to being lazy and admit to copying the first seven from the list above, but using a small amount of imagination to add an extra few…

    1. I love the Muppets and think that Kermit the Frog is a better actor than most humans (you know I’m right).
    2. I think the entire world can be explained through the medium of Looney Tunes cartoons.
    3. If we paid more attention to history we wouldn’t make so many mistakes in the future. (government? are you listening?)
    4. I can’t crochet.
    5. I prefer NRL over AFL even though I live in Melbourne. (If you are Australian you are gasping right now, if you are not Australian just go to number 6, you don’t care )
    6. I rock Scrabble.
    7. Terry Pratchett is my favourite author.
    8. I hate housework. HATE…. With a passion….
    9. I get ridiculously excited every time someone reads my blog, yes, EVERY time.
    10. Forget-me-nots are my favourite flower.

    Instead of nominating blogs for the award (because soon they will be adding me to their spam folder 😉 ) I will be making a page with links to my favourite blogs. So thank you again for the award nomination, and keep up the good blogging work everyone!!

  9. Metan, I love your blog and am going to enjoy reading all your posts (and learn lots along the way). Thank you for visiting and liking our blog!

    • Thank you very much and I’m glad you enjoyed it! I am very envious of your crochet ability and love your little cup cosies 🙂 I am ever hopeful that I will develop some sort of skill with wool but I expect that it will only take the form of being better at making knots…

      • Making knots is an ‘art’. I borrowed a DK book by Des Pawson that was fairly easy to understand. Also there are the Celtic knots, I don’t think I’m crazy enough to try that though, but we’ll see 😉

        • Thanks for that, I will be using the excuse that I am creating ‘art’ in the future! I think the crochet hook wedged tightly in the wool might give me away though 😉
          I recently bought a book called Crobots (tiny crochet robots) with the reasoning that the tininess and cuteness of them will make me more motivated to get into it. The book is still on the coffee table, mocking me…

          • Oh, yes, I guess the hook would give it away 🙂

            I find that when I attempt smaller things I do horribly. Amigurumi for instance. I tried to make a dog but it’s head looked like a head and neck wrapped into one because it was so long. With that look I only attempted to sew on two legs and tossed it to the dogs. Dr. Legless, as we call him, held up for a very long time. Sherlock, our dog, can destroy anything but he only managed to get one leg off.

          • Poor Dr. Legless.
            Sounds a bit like you should take up knitting chain mail if he lasted that long with the dog. 😉
            I figured that if I start small I will know it has gone wrong faster!

          • “Sounds a bit like you should take up knitting chain mail if he lasted that long with the dog.”

            Very true, but I guess there isn’t much of a market for it 😉

  10. Beautiful background theme on your page; reminds me how much I love this wide clay red open land!! so much so that I packed up my life, house, husband, and two kids to bring everything that we owned and we are all the way from the UK in 2005. Thank you so much for stopping by and liking one of my blogs yesterday, it really was much appreciated and I’m so glad you did, because now I have found your awesome blog to follow!

  11. What a fun idea for a blog. I am a storyteller, and am intrigued by all kinds of stories everywhere. I often cut exceptional stories out of the paper when I see them, just because I know I will want to read it again one day. And here you are, finding them in history, and sharing them with the world. Well done!

    • Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Sometimes the most amazing things are reported in the papers (even now) and like you I just have to read them and enjoy them more than once!

  12. I know you’re a history buff like me so I wanted to make sure you saw my new Candy’s Monsters post. It’s about Sprit Photography. It was big in the U.S. just before, during and after our Civil War and I’ve read about its popularity in Europe after WWI. I’m curious about Australian history. Was it a trend in Australia too? The 1850s to the 1870s in the U.S. there were tons of mediums, spiritualism groups, etc. All sorts of pranksters and hucksters took advantage and bilked people out of their money with the offer of communicating with the dead. An interesting era.

    • I actually saw an article in my searches yesterday about some women using the ‘new cinematograph’ to convince people they were speaking with spirits 🙂 I will be over to have a look right away!

    • Thank you! I am feeling a little guilty as I still owe another award my attention, boy, they are hard work!
      Thank you so much, it is really appreciated.

      I keep going over to your blog and hoping one day you will have the magic pill to make me able to crochet as well as you guys 🙂

    • Thank you! I love it if someone likes my blog enough to think of me when dishing out awards but, oh, the pressure! 😉

      An award with no obligations? My favourite award ever! 😀

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    • Thank you very much! It is much appreciated and I’ll be over to look at your blog post right now! 😀
      I am terrible at fulfilling awards though so my potential apologies in advance. 😉

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  16. I don’t know that anyone at a funeral has ever commented that the deceased didn’t do enough housework… well maybe, but you are still much better off blogging! Funny how those of us who are ” likely to have an opinion about things” eventually find each other…

    • I think I’m better off blogging too! If anyone at home complains about not enough housework being done I’m quick to point them to the broom/washing machine/sink. That generally shuts them up. 😀

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

      • LOL – I love that technique – sort of like the answer to “what’s for dinner?”: “whatever you’re making” OR “whatever you can forage”. To be fair, this only works in a house where everyone can see over the countertops…

    • Thank you. I took some time off to spend it with the boys over the school holidays and once I was ready to get back into it my computer has started having issues. I was getting very grumpy about it and, rather than stress and worry, I decided to just take a break until it was fixed. I am reading blogs etc on my ipad but it is no good for accurately posting blogs. I will be back soon, especially when I have encouragement like this. Thanks again. 🙂

  17. As another year comes to an end, I look forward to 2015 which I’m sure holds all good things – including more articles from Buried words! Where else will I find wonderful urban folktales to tweet about? Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas! 🙂

  18. Hi Metan! I just realised (as I directed someone to your post about using the water from your washing machine to irrigate the garden) how long it is since you have written and I wanted to tell you that I miss your posts. Do let us know how you are getting on. I see you liking my blog occasionally, so I know you are still out there!

  19. Hi Metan, In case you haven’t seen it, I replied to one of your comments on Meek’s post about her car Jimmy’s troubles that I will be in your neighbourhood on Friday 26 Feb 2016… we’ve heard the bakery at Warrandyte is good (I think you also have mentioned it) and very popular, so we thought we’d have lunch there if you’d like to catch up… we’ll be towing the nannavan enroute from a visit at St Andrews to my sister’s at Croydon 🙂 Meeks has said she’s coming along unless it’s a bushfire danger day 🙂 EllaDee

    • Thank you so much for the invitation, but it is The Man’s big five oh birthday that week and I’m taking him out for lunch. Sorry! 😦

      I hope you all have a great lunch, and trip with the nannavan. (I’ve been enjoying reading about your move/escape from the city.) Say hi to Meeks for me. 🙂

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