7 comments on “Banana Alley Vaults, Melbourne

  1. Have to agree – the big shiny thing is a truly unimaginative replacement for the old hotel in the drawing. But then again I guess there was a time when big shiny character-less things like that were considered modern and impressive…

    • I would love to see a slideshow of the same street with an image taken every 12 months since the founding of Melbourne, well, of any city really.

      It is amazing to see how they started out isn’t it? Imagine what they are going to be seen like a hundred years in the future? The demise of that big shiny thing will be lamented as it is pulled down and some other massive thing built in its place within days with a new fast-grow nanite building method…. 😉

  2. I was just starting uni in 1970 when some of those last, beautiful buildings were demolished. There was a bit of an uproar but back then old things were not appreciated. Such a bloody waste. Now we have a city full of skyscraper ugliness. I wouldn’t mind if those skyscrapers were beautiful in some way but they’re not. 😦

    • I agree, skyscrapers are just soulless towers, those old buildings are just wonderful. I understand that progress needs to be made but to just tear down these buildings is terrible 😦

      When you walk around the city next time ignore ground level and look up, it is quite heartening to see how many of the old buildings are still there although their decrepit condition at times breaks my heart, especially the Argus building… sniff….

      • Yeah I know. 😦 You’d think that by now the planners would recognize that it’s the old buildings that give Melbourne its charm. Sometimes I hate ‘progress’. 😦

    • I’m so glad to hear that you love all those things about Melbourne. Sadly we don’t get to spend much time there, I know it doesn’t seem that far away but travelling to the busy city from our quiet valley is a major undertaking, not physically, mentally! If only there were less people there…… 🙂
      Yes, that post is about the same place. Her photo is taken towards the spot where My Town, Melbourne took his photo.

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