40 comments on “A very big birthday party.

    • Thank you. 😀 I was really pleased with how they turned out although I had originally bought milk chocolate chocolate royals and they were too light! I left it all half done on the bench and zoomed back to the shops to get dark chocolate ones to match the Oreos!
      Some of the bad guys and adventures are quite scary even though you know he is always going to win. The kids really don’t like the weeping angels and I have to agree with them. Eeek! 🙂

    • Not go on the real fish fingers…. I spent too much time on the Daleks to see them possibly wasted when the taste of that unusual combination joined hem within…. I’m hoping the caramel slice fingers look just as good in the tiny bowls of custard on the plate. I’m sure they will be far more delicious! 😀

  1. I love how this is a WORLD event. And I’m glad we’re all watching at the same time. I don’t know what I’m going to get from my cinema seat, but I’m hoping for an upbeat audience of younger people. I’m even wondering if it’ll be like a party and people dressed up!

    I don’t think I mention DW much on my blog, but then I do one legitimate post and it turns out that (nearly) all my regular readers are fans. I love that. We’re taking over. Hope you have a good party.

    Oh… And the other thing. Be a bad Mum and let your kids stay up late for the screening of ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’. Stay away from spoilers if you can. There is the odd mild swear word, but it wouldn’t stop me showing it to my kids… if I had any. It is very sad and there’s a scene near the end that had me in tears. William Hartnell’s real life granddaughter too! Just be aware (if you don’t know) that William Hartnell’s last story was the one with the Cybermen. I think they assume you know that near the start.

    • I’m really glad you inspired me to make it more of a party! It is an amazing thing that so many people around the world are getting excited about it and I love that they have made it a simulcast, no online spoilers or early downloads, we all get to enjoy it together.

      Funny how many people are unlikely fans, I found out today that Number 2’s basketball team manager is a huge fan too. We were in the stands shouting encouragement for the kids game this afternoon and discussing tomorrow’s show at the same time. 😀

      I wouldn’t be surprised if people were dressed up at the cinema and there was a party atmosphere, after all, if they weren’t excited about it they could have stayed home and watched it for free on the couch.

      I really want to let the kids stay up, I might have to be the doubly bad mum, a mountain of junk food for breakfast and a late night in front of the telly! 😀

      • I am considering taking my camera to the cinema, just in case. Although I know it can get me in trouble, especially in cinemas so I don’t know. But if I do take some there’ll be a new blog post on here for sure. I am turning up early just to hang about and see the people milling.

        I went to an event the other day with Waris Hussein, the first director of Doctor Who (the “Indian guy” I mention in my post), and as I stood in the queue I looked at the others: mostly male, mostly old, mostly greying, mostly balding, and mostly bulging. I didn’t like that demographic. Hoping for much more hipsters tonight.

        Oh and before the ‘Day of the Doctor’ have you and your kids seen the ‘Night of the Doctor’ mini episode first?

        Have a good party!

        Frivolous monsters

        • Sorry, I didn’t mean it to open up the YouTube thing like that. Doesn’t look like I can edit it though.

          • No problem, if you had just left the link I would have probably changed it to that anyway to make it easier for people to see. 🙂

        • Ooh, thanks for that, I hadn’t seen it! I’ll have to show the kids. 😀

          I would definitely be taking my camera to the movie, but you’re right perhaps a camera phone rather than a big one. I’m looking forward to hearing if there were people who dressed up.

          Hopefully you get a more interesting to demographic than the last lot! Enjoy the movie anyway, I would have loved to go to the cinema to see it.

    • Thank you, I’m sure sweet will be something we are all overflowing with by the time the movie is over. 😀
      As I made a mistake with the colour of the choccy royals we also have extra ones of them to eat too. I think we will be eating these treats for the rest of the week! By the end of it I’ll have the only kids in school who moan about getting chocolate biscuits in their school lunches! 😉

  2. Wow, those little chocolate Daleks look really scrummy. Love the sound of the chocolate Cybermen and Ood as well! Have a great day tomorrow and enjoy the Day of the Doctor. So exciting here in UK, its been on the TV and the radio all day, interview and clips ect, a fantastic celebration of 50 years of Doctor Who. Such a very special day, so exciting that we can all watch The Day of the Doctor together as well, a brilliant world wide event! I will be enjoying the episode with my family, got plenty of jelly babies as well, going to be a great evening. Have fun!

    • It just shows what worldwide appeal the Doctor has doesn’t it? I can’t imagine anything else that could be screened everywhere and be so widely loved.
      I hope you and your family enjoy your jelly beans in front of the show, it is amazing to think of so many different people in so many different places all celebrating the same thing together isn’t it? Have a great time! 😀

      • Its a fantastic event, I’ve had great fun chatting to people all week about Doctor Who, the excitement is incredible. I think its awesome how it will be screened around the world like this, so we can all enjoy this wonderful celebration together. Thank you, its going to be a great evening, enjoy your chocolate Daleks as well :O)

  3. Gads, only a few hours to go! As it’s 1am it’s obvious I’m not getting up at the crack of dawn! But major kudos for you and the family for braving that most inhospitable hour! I’ll just have to sleep in and watch it this evening. 😉 And I have to say – your Daleks are magnificent! Have a great one. -hugs-

    • I’m glad you liked them, and now it is already tomorrow and the plate of treats has been pillaged I can say that they went down very well here. 😀
      Now we just have to deal with the lack of the Doctor each night. 😦 it has been so nice watching with the kids before bed, I will really miss it. If only they’d put something else in we can all enjoy…. So many channels and nothing on…. Grrrr. 😉

      • I had no doubts your Daleks would go down a treat! lol And yes, TV is a bit grim at the moment. We’ve actually started watching SBS a bit and were pleasantly surprised. One travel show and one cooking show so far, both excellent.

        Oh and thank you for not telling what happened in Dr Who this morning! I’m really looking forward to tonight. I’ve been watching The Dr since I was about 10? Scary thought.

        • I couldn’t possibly include any spoilers, how could I ruin it for everyone?! 🙂 there are a lot of people who are waiting for the replay tonight after being unable to watch this morning I’m sure.

          If only there was something to watch…. Thank goodness for DVDs!

          • I’ve very grateful. 🙂 The Daughter and I watched it tonight and it was amazing. But then I watched the re-enactment of the making of the original Dr Who and was blown away all over again. Seeing a cameo appearance by my favourite Dr – Tom Baker – almost brought a lump into my throat. When did he, and I, get so old!?!

          • Life flies by doesn’t it?
            My favourite parts of the show was when Matt Smith and David Tennant and John Hurt (or chinny, sandshoes and grandpa) were bantering. “Proper skinny, it’s like a special effect!” Great stuff. 😀

          • Yes, that banter was very funny…and soooo in character! I was also pleasantly surprised by the Doomsday machine avatar, aka Rose Tyler. I didn’t much like her in her original role but she surprised me this time around – she can actually act! lol

  4. Dr Who? Never heard of him, I’m far too young. Now I see the picture I understand how you topped the Daleks with Mallows. Great job ! Err, I only jknow about Daleks cos’ acflory meentioned them to me.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    • Gee, I’m sorry that your tender years mean you have missed out on the show…. nice of Meeks to keep you up to date. 😉
      Now we just have to slog our way through all the extra bits of chocolate and biscuit that weren’t needed. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it… 😀

  5. I have just watched the show, but at the more civilised time of 7:30! Great fun! Queen Elizabeth was a hoot, and I liked the inclusion of the other Doctors, even the next one.

    Have your boys come down from their sugar high yet, or will their teachers have ratty scatty kids to deal with tomorrow?! Those dales are incredibly good. 🙂

    • She was a hoot, the Doctor, married again! We watched the repeat too, apart from all the other good bits there is no way I could miss the chance to see David Tennant and Matt Smith bantering again!

      I ended up with a breakfast tray containing an entire packet of jammy dodgers, the four Daleks, four Ood, the chocolate Cybermen and four small bowls of ‘fish fingers’ and custard. The whole lot was gone in no time! Well, except for two of the Daleks. The boys requested them to go in their school lunch boxes tomorrow. 😀
      There was no sugar high fortunately, we spent most of the day amusing ourselves inside as it has been raining the whole time. Just as well we had extra the chocolate biscuits to keep us from being overtaken by cabin fever. 😉

      • And then, you all sat down and watched the rerun of Dr Who!…
        I hope the boys got lots of envious comments from their friends at school. Those Daleks would have been the hit of the lunchboxes!

        • I’m pleased to report that number 2 got up in front of the class and showed everyone his Dalek before it was eaten. They were all suitably impressed and my ego was happy to hear that he was asked where his mum found out where to make them, only to recieve an admiring “oooh” when he said I made it up on my own. 😀

          I’m just glad the things made it there in one piece instead of ending up an stack of glued-together biscuits and loose silver balls! I found perfectly sized round containers in the back of the cupboard and padded them out with a one marshmallow on either side, telling the boys they were failed Adipose. 😉

          • I think a perfectionist lurks somewhere in you, Metan 😀 No only finding the perfectly sized container, but looking for it!
            Given that the Daleks want to take over the Universe, are you going to let them invade the school? I am visualising a stall at the school fete with a table overrun with chocolate Daleks!

  6. Other than last week having fun with the Doctor Who theme on Google’s home page, I missed the event 😦 We had a too too busy week and weekend coming and going.
    Your Daleks and Doctor Who breakfast feast was fantastic. A great way of brightening up a soso weather weekend, and I agree generally uninspiring free-to-air TV programming.
    Now I have a craving for a Chocolate Royal 🙂

    • It was certainly the perfect weather to stay inside and watch tv. Once the show was over the boys and I ended tucked back up in my bed all playing video games. It was too cold to sit around without getting dressed (and none of us were motivated to do that just yet) and it was belting down with rain outside!

      I’d send you a choccy royal but once the Man found out there were extras they were dealt with in short order. So much for having treats all week!

      It is being repeated a few times on ABC so you still might catch it. Now it is over, and the series has finished its stint on our screens, our last hope for decent viewing in that timeslot has been dashed. 😦
      I’m really going to miss our nights on the couch. Hopefully they will put something else on we actually want to watch, but I doubt it….

    • Twice? A woman after my own heart. 😀
      I was so swept up in the mood I even let my mad River Song hair free rather than straightening it out as usual…. 😉

  7. I cannot believe that I missed this post… writing a blog post every day has clearly fried my brain. Your Daleks are brilliant. We just watched with a glass or two of wine, but your breakfast party was truly inspired.And as for your TARDIS – I’m so jealous!

    • 😀 Seeing the TARDIS on the bench every day makes me very happy. It is supposed to be a cookie jar but we don’t usually have sweet biscuits here (we love them too much) so it was bought by me, as a present to myself, for my tea bags. Not only does it make the noise, the light on the top flashes too. Aaaah, happiness. 🙂

      I’m glad you liked my Daleks, I was thrilled that they looked so recognisable using what I could find at our local supermarket, well known for its lack of variety.

      You’ve done well posting every day, it is a hard thing to keep up with (as evidenced by my own reduced schedule!).

  8. That’s one good-looking fly on your header! Love Dr. Who! Love your delicious Daleks! Am coveting your Tardis tea canister… can’t thank you enough btw for reading my ranting…

    • Glad to see there is another Doctor Who fan out there. 😀 The Tardis still makes me smile every day and has come with the added benefit of making me hate our sky blue bench-top a little less (there when we moved in and too expensive to replace). It is like we have a Doctor Who themed kitchen with all the blue-ness! 😉

      Pleased you liked the fly, Australia is known for the bothersome buggers but it amazes me how many interesting looking ones there are. Of course I like them the most when they aren’t swarming around me….

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