14 comments on “Don’t mess with a mermaid. 1911.

  1. Oh what a great story! I grew up with the sirens of Ulysses so the Little Mermaid came as quite a shock. I’m going to point a friend of mine to this post as she’s into all sorts of monsters 🙂

    • As a child I much preferred the version of Cinderella where her evil stepsisters escorted her down the aisle at her wedding only to have their eyes pecked out by a crow. None of this ‘and they lived happily ever after’ for me!

      The little mermaid is just another Barbie movie pretending to be an interpretation of literature…Grrrr at the dumbing down of society, with the inevitable ending ‘and there were no consequences and we all lived happily ever after…’ Grrr again!

  2. Hahahaha, Rice and chicken? Really? Interesting. Based on those old fairy tales and story books, mermaids are supposed to be nice ones. And I wonder how did he manage to escape if they are a “demonic force”… sigh!!

    • Yep, rice and chicken. I like rice, but not enough to go to all the trouble of working out how the hell to cook it underwater! There is always one aspect of a story like that where the teller said something without thinking it through and just hopes no-one notices it later…

      In the fairy stories I liked the mermaids were always brushing their hair on a rock and singing a beautiful song. It was best not to get too close or…scream…splash…glub… 🙂

      When I read this article all I saw was a person who had worked out how to push the ‘obey’ button on the people around him. What a good story to have, mermaids will kill you if you don’t do as I say, no wonder his flock was increasing! You are right…sigh….

  3. Hahaha, yeah! Was it really the ‘obey’ button or was that the wildest imagination he could ever have? And wow, you write really well… I just started to imagine a mermaid on the rock, brushing her hair. 🙂

    • Aww, thanks! My mental mermaids never have bras made out of shells (ouch!) nor do they have even white teeth as seen in the movies.

      They were more along the lines of Jenny Greenteeth or Peg Powler, with pointy teeth. All the better for eating raw fish (not chicken and rice!) Not pretty, just plain old scary!

      The news article really made him seem like a man using his (made up) knowledge to control the superstitious masses. I suppose that is generally something a person bent on power needs isn’t it, a good imagination!

  4. Hey ACFLORY, don’t you go telling your monster liking friends about me !
    Sorry Metan, I didn’t need a fan club. Yes, well, Walt Disnae (Scottish joke there in keeping with Knockdolian) and the PC brigade ( No, not computers) have turned us into wusses.
    Billy Bunter was banned in case it offended fat people, Golliwogs banned in case- well that one’s obvious, Noddy banned because he had a fetish for Big Ears?????
    I’m told even Morecambe and Wise (British Comedians) we’re stopped from doing sketches in bed because it made it look like they were Gay and therefore homosexuality is OK. I mean. it’s bad enough that someone sits and reads kids books that have been around for years to find things to call offensive as though kids and parents can’t work it out for themselves but to change things by the Brothers Grimm ( the name gives a clue) in case it scares…….purlease, kids love being scared.
    Our friend the Zimbabwean Pastor ( maybe he should have been Pasta instead of rice) is more scary since we don’t know what the mermaids taught him. How to swim with the fishes maybe? Or am I getting stories confused here. It scares me that he makes these claims and people follow him- to what-to where? Why I wonder is because I’m sure when I read the bible it said telling fibs was a sin and he seems to be telling huge porkies there. So when we have a sinner in charge of a flock, where will he take his sheep?
    I love your writing Metan, don’t stop you’re doing great.

    • I would so much rather the Walt Disnae version! I suspect that would be far closer to the original fairy story version of these things. A bit more ‘suck it up laddie’ than ‘we all lived happily ever after’.

      I know of two small children whose names are characters in the tales I grew up with. I am absolutely sure their parents have no idea what they did when they made their naming decisions, but a select few of us other parents who read fairy tales have to stifle a chuckle when we hear their names called out.

      I hate the way all of those tales have been dumbed down and the language changed to reflect more current lingo. As for the PC-ing of everything…aaarrrgh!!! It IS turning us all into wusses! Kids can make up far more dreadful stories themselves than what was written in those old tales. (you saw what happened to the chocolate bunnies at our house! 😉 )

      The fun police love taking innocent things and finding the one tiny part that might be offensive when taken out of context and use that to colour the entire story. They give people less and less chance to think for themselves and then wonder why nobody can!

      (I wonder what is really going on with this pastor, are there some convenient incidents that keep his flock believing? Like you, I wonder where this flock is going to find themselves.)

  5. Wow. This is fascinating! As a Monster Fan, I’d heard of ‘mermaids’ luring sailors to their deaths, but that pesky Disney version gets in the way of the older stories. Thanks for bringing this up.

    • I’m glad you like it. It’s funny how the movie or TV version replaces the old story in our heads isn’t it? Look at zombies, they used to be drugged unfortunates kept as slaves, now we are all waiting for the brain-eating apocalypse!

    • I did a few other mermaid posts too, none of the articles I found were nice 🙂 The only thing mermaids need protection from is an oar wielded in anger! The Disney (or Disnae) version of the world is so boring, isn’t it! Give me a fairytale character that can ruin your family line because of a temper tantrum any day 🙂

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