7 comments on “Ned Kelly, finally laid to rest.

  1. Amazing after so long that people still get so … Het up about it. I’m glad he’s finally being laid to rest.

    • It is, isn’t it. I can imagine that the families of the people he killed are not fans of his but it was a very long time ago, and, really, being executed for your crimes and waiting over 100 years to be reunited with your family is probably quite punishment enough.

  2. While I can understand some people may be dismayed about this re-burial it seems ridiculous to make threats to a priest for doing his job. Maybe it would have been more sensible not to mention there would be a Christian service over the grave though considering Ned Kelly didn’t prove himself too Christian at the time.

    • I agree, it is ridiculous to threaten the priest when he is doing his job. Ned did come from a religious Irish family though, so I doubt burying him next to his mum would have been appropriate without the proper ceremony. I guess that many people considered themselves to be strong believers back then regardless of how badly they behaved.

    • I bet that the kind of people who would send death threats over such a thing probably aren’t already on the short list at the Pearly Gates! I can’t imagine what anyone would gain in doing so either.

      If they are a descendant of one of his victims surely there could be better ways of sharing their feelings with the world. If they are just a random hater well, maybe they need to find a better way to express themselves too. We all know Ned was a bad guy, but this kind of behaviour only amplifies the legend.

  3. I’ve never been a huge Ned Kelly fan but I’ve always loved what he represents – that anit-authoritarian streak in all aussies. It’s nice to know he’s finally got a permanent resting place. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get burned out.

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