12 comments on “Great Ocean Road, 2008 and 1923.

  1. Did the soldiers undertake this themselves or was it a task set by the Army? As a war memorial it sounds like a fantastic tribute to the fallen because it’s a place people can visit all the time.
    BTW, What side of the road do Australians’s drive on? lol

    • It wasn’t set by the army, it was proposed as a way of giving returned soldiers work. It is a fantastic tribute and some sections of the road would have been unbelievable acts of construction at the time.
      According to wikipedia a boat was wrecked nearby while the road was being built (which was true) and had to dump many barrels of spirits over the side leading to a two-week drinking break for the soliders (not sure of this bit of truth).

      We drive on the correct side of the road. The left. Despite the signs there are still regular accidents involving self-driving tourists not paying attention….

  2. Love the Great Ocean Rd, we’ve only done it once, and while id love to go again, there are plenty more things to see. We drive n the left.

    • We have done the whole thing with the camper on the back of the 4WD, which is an experience in itself ,and parts of it on the Harley (and part of that in the rain, grrrr) which is very nice. I would love to do some of the Great Ocean Walk too. When the weather is cooler though! 🙂

      Knowing the history, and that it was done, by hand, by men who had survived the war makes it even more of an experience.

      • I think I’ll leave the walking to you. :p But yes, it seems almost impossible for such a long road in such a difficult location to have been dug by just pickaxes and shovels. Can you imagine OHS if you suggested workers should do the same thing now???

        • I think that parts of the walk could be lovely with a large enough budget. A daily gentle stroll from one 5 star lodging to the next, meals in high class eateries….. Not anything close to camping!

          You’re right, building that kind of thing would never be considered now, it would be done with heavy machinery and explosives and finished in no time. It certainly wouldn’t have the same kind of soul that the Great Ocean Road has though, would it?

  3. The Great Ocean Road is spectacular but then I feel that way about a lot of Victoria. I’ve done it Melbourne/Geelong to Port Fairy once, and also bits & pieces. I like the Otways and Western Vic in general but love Port Fairy, Koroit in particular. It must have been tourist season when I did the long trip because we didn’t see much except when we stopped except bus loads of tourists. I didn’t realise its history. That makes it very interesting.

    • I think the best bits of the Great Ocean Road are the bits between Torquay and Port Fairy anyway. It doesn’t take tourist season for there to be loads of tourists, the best time is when it is pouring with rain.Even if the views aren’t up to scratch the atmosphere is perfect for something called the shipwreck coast.

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