21 comments on “Football, meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars.

  1. Aaaah the memories. -cough- I actually rather enjoyed this. It’s become so dated it’s actually vintage! The jingle is going to haunt my dreams tonight though 😦

  2. This is going to be stuck in my head for days, isn’t it? : ) So, one question— who was the real demographic for that commercial, do you think? Age group? Gender? I have my guesses, but I don’t want to assume anything. Thanks for this, Metan!

    • I don’t think you will need two guesses to work out who that particular commercial was directed at!

      Advertising for cars has not really changed much though. If it isn’t directed at those who want small cars that are cheap and economical (barely in existence in the 70’s) it is still all about size and performance.

      Here is a far newer ad for a Holden ute that will probably make you laugh. “Leather bolstered seats made from only the angriest cows”, puts a smile on my face every time.

      • I tried to find a standard “Texas” truck commercial, but I haven’t found a fun one, yet. I like the humor in the Holden commercials. Car commercials in the U.S. are rarely humorous. Like perfume ads, somehow the more prestigious the item is the more morbid the voice over has to be. Or something!

        I have been loving these Holden pieces! They are so much fun!

        • Ususally our car commercials are a little more serious than this, more along the lines of promoting economy and convenience but when you are advertising a car like that you may as well have fun with it I suppose! You can see by the Ford clip below the alternative ‘faster is better’ type ad.

          We use humour in our commercials a lot. There is one playing later in the evening at the moment for a mens body wash that is highly questionable in its taste. It absolutely cracks me up every time and I can’t help but watch it.

          It is played completely straight faced and plays up to our love of …ahem… sports equpiment… but I am sure that there were many takes before they got to the finished product. I won’t put a clip here but I am sure you will be able to find it without too much trouble (Try Sophie Monk and Lynx shower gel). Don’t look for it if you are easily offended 😉

          • Watched the Lynx/Sophie Monk ad. That was BRILLIANT.

            The car commercials in Texas are more of the manly-manly type, which is fine. (Why? Because I don’t watch TV. I watch Netflix, and a little bit of Hulu. I don’t see any commercial programming for long stretches of time.)

            I was trying to find one of our funnier commercials, and I remembered one from this spring that we loved. (It’s a national commercial for automobile insurance, and it’s totally SFW.)

          • Eww, seriously, so gross…. that was great! 😀 Amusing advertising always catches your attention more than those self-important commercials.

            I’m glad you loved the Lynx ad, I’m laughing now just thinking about it. I am sure that many are offended by it but I don’t know how you can avoid laughing at the silliness of it. Can you imagine the outtakes? Now that I would love to see!

            I don’t watch that much tv, but it is always on in the background for everyone else (and my official office is the couch in the loungeroom) so something funny will always catch my attention. I was watching the Lynx ad for days before I called the Man in to watch it. Now he just hears the start of it and pokes his head in to have a laugh too, hardly surprising, that 😉

    • How did you guess!
      An Aussie who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s too. My mum used to drive an old green HQ station wagon. So embarassing to be picked up from school in, although I am conveniently overlooking the fact that most of the other mums had something similar too….. Maybe that is why I am a Ford lover now, all that childhood emotional scarring (dramatic back of hand to forehead) 😉

  3. Oh yeah… I grew up with the holden Station wagon wth the bench seat in the front (there were 6 of us), my first car was a holden but …. ta-daa… yeah, we love our Fords, blame hubby for that one..
    Tragic first ad, 2nd one is great – angry cows indeed! Have to admit though, they make a pretty mean looking car, even if I love my fords!

    • Even though I am a Ford lover how can you not succumb and want that Thunder ute? So, there is nowhere for the kids to sit, not a problem, I’d have to sell them to be able to afford it anyway 😉

      Just because you are a Ford lover and will appreciate it, here is the FPV (Ford performance vehicles, for any non-Aussies) television commercial that is running now. I like the Holden Thunder, but I WANT a Boss. Now. And the Cobra. And the GTHO. And the million dollars to pay for them 😉

    • In our misspent youth didn’t we all have those great cars that are now worth a small fortune? We drove them into the ground and then just went down and bought another…. Oh, the humanity!!

      (We had a beautiful XB coupe, multiple Toranas, XW, XY and XR sedans, my god, the list goes on. Just one of them now would be worth far more than the car I drive every day!)

  4. Football is the main sport over there? I would’ve guessed cricket.

    Is that “Aussie Rules” football which I think I’ve heard talked about a lot, presumably on Test Match Special, but still don’t have a clue what that is.

    And I wouldn’t have had meat pies down as an Australian stereotype either. All those years of watching Neighbours and what has it done for me?


    • Aussie rules is the most popular sport in the southern states and many remote areas, NRL (rugby league) is generally the sport of choice in the north. Conveniently, the footy season finishes in September, just in time for the cricket season to get going. Nobody has to choose, every sport lover is happy.

      A meat pie is the traditional Aussie snack, they used to be made of mystery meat, an unidentifiable meat-like substance, but now bakeries around the country have made them gourment. You can still get a plain old beef or lamb pie, but now it is not unusual to get kangaroo, even camel or croc.

      Here is a highlight reel of Aussie Rules just so I can say I covered nearly every part of Aussie yobbo culture in one post. Ford, Holden, and footy. You’ll just have to believe me on the pie thing 🙂

        • Even as a vegetarian you could probably get away with eating one of the mystery meat pies, I expect they were more sawdust and gravy than actual meat.

          I can’t believe that Neighbours taught you nothing about Australian culture…. It is a serious study of human nature and current societal issues! Or was that Kath and Kim? 😉

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