29 comments on “Hot days and happy chickens.

  1. Thank you for reminding me. I forgot that chickens like watermelon in the heat. Although it isn’t as hot here in NZ but still the girls and the chicks may appreciate some. I must buy one tomorrow. 🙂

    • Glad to hear it isn’t just our chickens who like it! Is there anything else chooks really like? We haven’t had ours for long so I am still working them out. I notice that they absolutely love sesame seeds too.

      Our girls are ridiculous about food, they are still quite young (13 weeks) and are very picky about what they eat. I still keep the crumble which is for very small chicks in their feeder as they act like they can’t eat the larger pellets. Peckpeckpeck. Peckpeckpeck. Pellets fly around but none appear to be eaten…. hopeless!

      When I lock them up at night I use an old dog bowl full of the larger pellets (with water to make them soft) and they chase me into their house and go crazy for it….. the whole lot is gone by morning! Oh well, at least they are eating it 🙂

  2. “Over the last few days it has been quite hot here”

    So I’ve heard (via the Titanic community). Not envying you all. This sounds like our last summer when it got so very hot.

    • I’m envying you your cool weather! I really hate the hot weather. If we had a big AC and I could sit inside and watch the day through a window I would be happy but, alas, we have a tiny ac who struggles to cool one room on such a day. Bugger 😦

      On Wednesday we had the addition of fires to the heat. I have been pretty happy that we have been mainly fire free so far this summer and then on wed afternoon there were a few small fires nearby. That meant the fire fighting helicopters were going low over the house all day. It is kind of reassuring, it means we are being looked after, but when they are going over so low you know that means they don’t have far to go to the fire. Not reassuring….

      • You’d change your mind when your hands feel like ice and your waiting for the dog to hurry up and get their business done! 😉 Actually it doesn’t feel quite as so cold today for some reason, 36 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s suppose to drop down to 22 degrees tonight.

        Off topic but I’ve been meaning to ask. Have you ever heard of the children’s TV series “The Adventures of Blinky Bill”? I vaguely remember this from some years ago. The only other character I recall, besides Blinky Bill, was Danny Dingo. And the theme song lyrics, “Hey, hey Blinky Bill”.

        • If only we could share the weather, a bit of our heat for you, a bit of your cold for me. 22f is -5c, definitely cold enough that my dog would have to be carried out and forced to do her business! 🙂

          I do remember Blinky Bill, mainly the book really. It was originally on in the early 90’s although I notice there is a cartoon series of it on tv these days that might be the same one resurrected. I think the stories of poor old Blinky have been hijacked for a bit of anti-woodchipping sentiment….

    • Yum yum! We cut up pieces for us and eat them on the way to the chooks. They get their wedge and, one we’ve finished, our rinds too!
      Do your alpacas eat watermelon?

      • I haven’t tried giving the alpacas watermelon, but your post about the chickens has come home to roost in another way. [excuse the pun.]

        I found a young possum on the ground this morning. I gave it water and it perked up a bit but still looked dazed so I put an old wire cat carrier over it to protect it from the cats and dog. I put some nice cool watermelon and half an apple in with it and then covered the cage in a wet towel [the bottom of the cage wihch is now the ‘roof’ is a plastic tray thingie so the little guy stays cool but dry.

        I checked on him an hour ago and he was curled up in a corner, fast asleep. I’m hoping he’ll be well enough by evening to scamper up the nearest tree. If not I’ll keep him in there until he’s strong enough.

        I can’t tell you how unbelievably cute he is. I’d love to keep him but that wouldn’t be fair, plus taming him might get him killed in the long run so… I’ll have to release him. But he’s so damn CUTE!

        • Lucky little possum that you found it first and not the cats.
          They are very cute but yes, keeping it would be wrong. Who knows, if it survives you might have made a backyard friend for life anyway.

          A friend up the road had a swarm (no other word for it) of possums that descended every night for a feast. They were her babies and would come in the house to hurry things up if she was a bit late in her food delivery!

          I am glad that mentioning watermelon earlier put it in your mind! I hope your little friend is ok, let me know how he goes. (Post a photo! Those overseas would proabably love to see an adorable Aussie critter instead of the deadly things they usually see 🙂 )

          • 😦

            He died.

            I guess it was too much to hope for given how dazed he looked but I really, really hoped. At least he died in his own time instead of being monstered by the dog or the cats. Still feeling a bit gutted though.

          • Oh, that’s no good 😦

            Baby possums don’t usually do too well away from their mothers do they. You did well though, at least he had peace and comfort instead of being left in the heat. In this weather there will be lots of similar stories out in the bush, he was one of the luckier ones. That doesn’t make you feel any better about him though, does it? 😦

          • I know you’re right it’s just… he stared straight at me and then trusted me enough to drink from the bowl of water I held for him.

            The hurt goes back to when I was a kid and I tried to save this little kitten. It must have had that feline enteritis or whatever and probably never had a hope but I tried so hard to save it. I was eight at the time. You’d think I’d get better accepting death now that I’m almost 60 but…

            Anyway, today has been a wonderful day so I’m just going to be glad I could help him a little.

          • Sometimes a small amount of comfort at the end is all we can do. You can’t underestimate the good thing that you did.

            I have quite a fatalistic attitude towards injured/sick animals unfortunately.
            I worked at an animal refuge for a few years when I was young and there you see all the sad stories. I know that if small things are in a bad way it is often hard to bring them back.
            So many puppies or kittens or baby birds bought home and fed through droppers for days to just slip away anyway. That job is why I am not a fan of cats. I have seen too many baby things bought in after being found half-chewed on a back doorstep 😦 Probably why I’m not a big fan of humans either!

          • Ungh… carers like you do an incredible job but I don’t have the guts to do it. I know I’d be a mumbling mess after just a day or two.

            I know cats have a bad rep, and it’s probably deserved, but mine only bring home mice and bunnies. Ok, and the very odd Minah bird. They’re overfed felines and lack motivation thank god. The ferals however are another story and we are to blame for them. 😦

            Anyway, thanks for understanding.

          • There are lots of good things about a job like that, so it is worthwhile, just not always fun.

            My cat dislike was cemented when we had a large family of magpies who were so friendly with us they would come in our house and talk to us. A new neighbour moved in with their cat and in a few weeks the entire magpie family was gone. Grrrr to cats! Number 1 would love one but the Man and I (who worked there too) have told him he will have to buy one for his own house when he grows up!

            The boys are both soft touches when it comes to needy critters and have both been sad when things have died no matter how well-meaning their efforts. Number 2 still visits the tiny grave of a bug he nursed for a week!

          • Ungh, I’m so sorry about your magpies. The ones here sort of grew up with the kittens so it’s the cats who are terrified of them. I’ve literally had to rescue Golly on occasion when the maggies were dive bombing him. I guess a grown cat would be different though. 😦

          • Pets and wildlife don’t really mix do they? Poor old Jack is even confined to quarters at the moment, not allowed outside off the lead in the hot parts of the day. She has developed a thing for the Blue Tongues so we are doing our best to make sure they remain unmolested while they are out and about. Soon enough the weather will cool and they will go back to their holes, but for now she has to stay inside!

          • Yeah that’s true. Probably better for Jack in this heat as well. Mogi really feels the heat and stays inside unless she’s really, really desperate for a pee! Then at night she goes out to bark at possums, wheelbarrows and shadows in general. I have to lock her inside to keep the neighbours from lynching both of us. -sigh-

          • Actually, Jack loves the heat. Sometimes when you take her out for a wee she will plonk out in the boiling sun and refuse to get up! I will tie her to a pergola leg and leave her out there with a bone to cook for 10 minutes so she can get her fill for the day. Then she comes back inside happily! Sick puppy….. 😉

          • lmao – strange dog that one. 😉 Maybe she has low blood pressure like some humans I know. Mogi definitely does not like the heat. She mopes around inside looking woebegone, a bit like me. 😉

          • Maybe, she loves being warm, I know that. She spends all winter glued to the front of the fireplace and all summer frying in the sun!

          • I guess Jack Russells don’t really have that much fur do they? All the ones I’ve seen have been very sleek but sleek probably isn’t that warm.

    • The next day was better but sitting here at 10.30 pm it is beautiful, a cool breeze drifting through the loungeroom window. Now if only we could bottle it for tomorrow, eh? 32c forecast….. blah….. Hope you aren’t suffering too!

  3. Greetings from the other half of the world — where it’s winter and the idea of watermelon is just a dream. LOL…

    Are their eggs sweeter after a watermelon treat?

    • That is the first thing that jumped into my mind too!
      I don’t know if it will, the chooks will be laying age soon so I might have to do a bit of dietary experimentation and see 🙂

      I wish we were having a bit of your winter weather here, today wasn’t too bad but tomorrow is forecast to be quite hot with more to follow, please send some cold this way, post haste! 🙂

  4. So animal-tarian and I like the pics. I certainly didn’t know chickens ate watermelon. Well, I hope y’all get temperature relief. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for commenting.

      I didn’t know they ate watermelon either, we have only had them a few months so we are still testing out their preferences. I was just glad I had something to give them for a bit of relief from the heat. Chickens are very hot creatures and love lying out in the sun but I don’t think there is an animal in the world who likes this heat. Even the big lizards are hiding in the shade under the house!

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