22 comments on “A Pirate’s Gift. 1902.

  1. Silly I know since there were still a good few Pirate Capains around at that time but I’d love to think it was Bartholemew Roberts who did this deed. I seem to remember he was a prisoner who became a pirate with reluctance and worked his way up which means he must have been thought well of by the men. If any of Mary’s family are s ill around this must be one tale that’s told time and again.

    • Maybe it was Black Bart. I hadn’t thought of that.
      Now you have given me a chance to add a Horrible Histories clip to this post! Thanks for that 😉

  2. What a lovely snippet of history! I wonder if Dickens had heard of this story when he wrote Great Expectations? Not quite the same, I know, but still…. And perhaps this is where the image of the fearsome, but honourable, pirate comes from?

  3. A very romantic pirate story…
    Are you planning to write a book with a compilation of your bits & pieces of history. I’d read it! I love these odd snippets of the past.

    • It is an fantastical tale isn’t it.
      Meeka/Acflory suggested the same thing a while ago, I am not sure what format would work for that kind of thing.
      Very glad to hear I would have at least two readers though 😀

    • I wonder how much of it was true. Since it is such a long-lasting tale there must be a few grains of truth-salt in there, I’m just not sure how many.
      I loved the dramatization in this article, “There were tears in the pirate’s eyes….”. I can’t imagine that any woman, having just given birth, and on a ship recently overrun by pirates, would be making note of those kinds of details!

  4. It’s taken me a while to work though posts that went up while I was on holidays but I’m glad I caught this one… it’s a storyline I’m sure could be included in a Pirates of the Carribean film – the next one is probably already scripted and being filmed so maybe POTC 10…
    On our holidays, the G.O. & I tried the pirate life… we unusually found a great cache of shells while walking on the inaptly named Shelly Beach which normally yields only stones… too many to carry, we stashed our shell treasure in a marked spot in a rock cavern. Returning the next day we were unable to locate the shells nor the hiding place. Hmmm, I’m glad we didn’t try that with real treasure…

    • I’m glad you are bothering to catch up 🙂 Thanks!

      I wonder if that is what has happened to all the pirate treasure over history. It was stashed safely in a nearby cave and was never seen again. Maybe it was some kind of wormhole cave, it is always there only the entrance chooses to appear at the appropriate time (a bit like the door of Howl’s Moving Castle). If you had done a bit of investigating you never know what you might have found! 😉

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