26 comments on “Don’t go into the light!

  1. I have started archiving our family photos since Christmas and from 1980-ish there’s one of a huge dung beetle my parents found in the garden. It looks amazingly complex and I would have sworn blind that you didn’t get such things in this country. Never seen one myself. Much better alive on the outside, though!

    • The poor thing was probably on a gap year and looking for the best place for a night out with other expat dung beetles 😉
      Is there anything in England (apart from cows) with big enough poo to justify a large dung beetle population?

      • I don’t know. I thought Dung beetles were African! I was able to identify it as the Common Dor Beetle and found that it’s found all over. Also that it eats its own body weight in dung a day. It would explain, perhaps, why it’s never come back.

        • Not enough poo at your place, eh? I think that every country has some form of dung beetle. I guess the biggest ones would be where the biggest dung is. Hmmmm…. I wonder if pubs have evolved a saturday night strain? 😉

    • No problem. I love the shot too, even though it is not very clear. Museum type displays with low light (and impatient children in the background) are not too easy to get good shots of!

      • You are joking!?! OMG. Does he have more stories about Tom? Please, please ask for more info. [not that you wouldn’t anyway but I’m backing you up!]

          • I have scheduled another Tom Cole post for tomorrow now. I really hope I do hear from him again! What great family stories he might have.

          • This is probably too serious a thought for a Tuesday morning but…. isn’t it amazing how newspapers, and now the internet, can create a sort of immortality?

            Tom Cole is an obvious example. He must have lived an extraordinary life and yet he would have been forgotten but for those newspaper articles, and a history buff called Metan. 🙂

            Just think, your posts about him will literally float around the internet forever. 😀

          • Well, he did write books as well. I’m still annoyed that I can’t get them on my kindle!
            I do love the things that we can find in the old papers, it is like looking into real lives instead of just the dry history books we had at school. I am a little disappointed that there aresn’t more tales of his adventures in the old papers.

            I love that people who have some sort of personal connection to my posts have commented, it makes my day! 🙂

  2. A quiet little whispered clicking sound saying “Come towards the light, towards the light” Should have been heard followed by a close up of a large Stag Beetle with a megaphone.

  3. Love the photo, and the analogy. We also had issues when driving through Alice. The ads on tele made it look much more appealing than it was. I thought I disliked Mt Isa, Alice was a wole ‘ other kettle of fish… Or stench..

    • Glad to hear from you, have been thinking about you the last few days with the Tassie fires and all 😦

      Yes, Alice is not the best place in the world. I always think of it as a place where two different realities co-exist, each doing their best to pretend the other reality wasn’t there.
      Guards in the Coles, not standard issue down here, that’s for sure. When we were there the under 16’s footy game caused an all night riot. Some really great places, and we loved the Todd Mall market on Sunday morning, but……

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