17 comments on “Beautiful weather and Slip, Slop, Slapping.

  1. Love that ad. Reminds me of the whole Life.Be.In. It ads aswell. Classic ones they should bring back, none of the tripe they putting out these days.

    • I forgot about Norm and the Life. Be in it ads! They were an old classic too. Hmmmmm… might have to keep that in mind for a future post. 🙂

    • He he… “In the shun thish shummer shay, shlip shlop shlap”. I am still singing it at inappropriate times too. Going to be a scorcher tomorrow 😦 No need for slip slop slap, I doubt I’ll leave the house, even to check the mail!

      • I’m with you. I plan on getting up early to check the pumps [for the sprinklers] then The Daughter will get shooed from the house and I’ll settle in with the CFA website and 774. Can’t say I’m looking forward to it but we did have those lovely days and now mother nature is sending the bill. 🙂

        Stay safe!

        • You too. We had a few small fires up the road yesterday and Elvis and friends going low over the house for hours, hopefully that was our share. Hopefully…..

          • Ungh… I didn’t know. You must have been a bit… stressed. 😦

            Btw wouldn’t today be a good day to take the boys to the pool at Aquarena? Not sure if there’s one closer to you.

            I just tried the cfa website and it wouldn’t even load. 😦 As for 774, all I’m getting is cricket. Hate not knowing what’s going on. I guess no news is good news but… I’m just not as trusting as I used to be.

            Please be careful.

          • You too. The kids and I talked about going down the line last night. The only thing stopping us is Jack and the chooks. We can go but then we leave them here. We would rather stay and then take them with us if needed.

            My internet is so slow the cfa website hardly works at the best of times. 😦 I have been keeping track of the D13 twitter feed (district 13 is our CFA area, probably yours too) https://twitter.com/IncidentAlert13 I am not on twitter myself but I find this is a good way to keep track of stuff. I keep 774 on in the background, they break into the cricket when they need to broadcast a warning.

            The small fires I consider something of a help. The more of them there are the less there is to burn when the big one comes.

          • Oh, of course, I forgot about the chooks. Mogi, the cats and the alpacas are a big part of the reason I always stay. That plus the fact that someone has to turn the sprinklers on or they won’t do much good.

            I was worried about the alpacas this morning but then I realised that if push comes to shove they can huddle up against the house, under the overflow from the sprinklers. Not a very comfortable spot for them but infinitely better than the alternative.

            I might try that twitter feed as the DSE site is getting very slow now too. If this is a dress rehearsal then the powers that be have a lot more work to do.

            I’d be happier about a few small fires here if Warrandyte were not so overgrown. One little fire could clear out a lot more than just grass. Why do so many people act like bloody ostriches?

          • I just went out and gave the chooks a wedge of cold watermelon from the fridge to help them out. They have plenty of shade and love the sun but they still look hot to me! (If we get so paranoid that we start leaving every time it gets hot we may as well move away altogether.)

            I was out testing the roof sprinkler yesterday as it hadn’t been on for ages. I wish I could put it on now to cool the house down!

          • Oh I’m so relieved you have roof sprinklers too! I should have known you’d be well prepared. 🙂

            The alpacas are looking serene and relaxed in the shade but they could just be prostrate from the heat! I’m tempted to hose them down but I’m not sure if that would actually be good for them. Ah well, the change is due soon…. right?

  2. Having had two melanomas, I’m very aware of this issue. I burned every summer as a child and paid for it as an adult. Slip, slap, slather away… I’m vampire pale and I’m staying that way!

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