14 comments on “A dog’s strange tastes. 1937, and today!

  1. It took years of watching that Australian fly-on-the-wall social documentary – ‘Neighbours’ – before I worked out what “Chucks” were!

    • Documentary? You give it more credibility than it deserves! 🙂
      An onion and egg beano would certainly bring on a chuck though, especially if it was under my bed!

  2. Murdoch (our “koala” I told you about) used to eat anything but he’s suddenly gotten very picky. He doesn’t care for dog food, unless of course it isn’t his. If it belongs to one of our other dogs then he happily eats it. The other dogs are the same way.

    All four love hotdogs. Two of them like eating sticks. The other, Sherlock, has a sweet tooth; he loves fudge, white-chocolate covered pretzels and powdered donuts. The eldest of them love biscuits, gravy and sausage and if you give him a dish of veggies he happily devours that too.

    • Fudge, white choc pretzels and donuts? If that is how the dogs are fed I’m moving in to your house and bringing my own kennel! 😉
      I bet Jack would love that kind of stuff too, she just doesn’t get the chance because nothing like that escapes from us 😀

      • Ah you’re in luck. We have a guest room. That is if you don’t mind four loud mouthed and rambunctious dogs.

        It’s really hard to refuse the dogs a scrap of food when they’re giving you the most pitiful look. They’re experts at putting us on guilt trips.

        • They are hard to resist aren’t they?

          I have taken to calling the Man the Weakest Link. Jack will walk into a room if we are eating and you can see her sizing up her chances for scraps with all of us. She will walk straight to the Man as she knows he will be the first one to fold.

  3. -giggles- I laughed my way through this post Metan. If ever you need Jack dog-sat she can come here! Of course the cats won’t be happy but I’m sure we’d survive for a day or two. 😀

    Speaking of odd eating habits, Mogi has a few of her own. She was the runt out of a litter of 5 and must have learned very early on that the only way she’d get any food was by stealth. So she perfected the snatch-and-run technique. As a result it’s very rare for her to actually eat out of a dish. Instead she grabs a mouthful and sneaks off to ‘her’ patch of carpet to eat.

    We tried everything to get her to eat normally but Mogi is small… and stubborn, and I’ve given up on my hall runner. 😀

    • The cats would definitely not be happy. Jack is typical of her breed and hasn’t really cottoned on to the fact that she is so small. The cats may well be bigger than her but she will still try to tell them what to do! They might end up teaching her some manners though!

      I like Mogi’s snatch and run technique, the only problem is the dinner is left unattended between mouthfuls! (Have you tried soaking the dog biscuits in water until it turns into a thick soup? I do that with Jack when the weather is cold, warm dog soup is always a hit)

      • Hmmm… I haven’t tried making her food mushy but I might just give that a try. If it works an added benefit might be that the cats leave her food alone… maybe. Knowing my felines, they might decide warm doggy soup is right up their alley!

        • We feed Jack one of those all-in-one biscuits so she doesn’t get any wet food (apart from vegie treats!)

          So she doesn’t have to spend her day chomping hard biccies we usually soak it in hot water until it is soft. There is a noticable difference between how much she drinks on the days she gets straight dry food. Easy to mix any medication in it if needed as well, although she will eat anything. ANYTHING. She had a bad cough the other week and the vet reccommended Benadryl. I just squirted the dose into her bowl and she licked it up eagerly. Strange dog that one…..

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