14 comments on “A Woman Pirate. 1936.

  1. I find it odd that a newspaper having caught a feared Pirate who has terrorised the Chinese Coast for years should then be referred to with such formal dignity as Miss Sue Nakawura. I’d expect Peg Leg Nakawura or One Eyed Sue or even the much more tame Sue the Equaliser ( for her sharing of the loot) but Miss Sue doesn’t sound a very fearful name for a Pirate. Even the famous Mistress Anne Bonney sounded better. For her marksmanship alone surely someone could have come up with Sharpshooting Sue the Scourge of the Sea?

    • I did wonder about the ‘Miss Sue Nakawura’ as well. Maybe the information from this article came from an old student, so terrorized by their experiences with her that she can only be referred to as Miss 😉
      Sue the Equalizer sounds like the perfect name for her!

      I only found one other reference to her on the internets. It was from the Singapore Library and was a copy of an article from The Straits Times. That article was very similar to this but had a bit more detail. It sounds a bit like she left the pirate band for a while and they fell into disarray. When she returned and tried to round up the troops that was when she was arrested. I would love to find more!

  2. I love this woman’s panache! Was a bit puzzled by the name though. Where would the western name ‘Sue’ come from? Thought it might be Su-e in Japanese but there’s no such name according to google :/ Whatever her name may have been Ms Nakawurra was certainly way ahead of her time 😉 These days she’d probably be in a power suit and working for Microsoft.

    • (see my reply to David about the only other reference I found 🙂 ) I would love to have found a photo of her, she sounds like quite a woman. You are right, she was ahead of her time, imagine what she could have achieved today!

  3. I would have really liked seeing a photo as well. I just can’t imagine a polite little Japanese woman going on a rampage like this. But then I guess she could never have been really ‘proper’ to run off with a chinese man of all things. Talk about burning your bridges 🙂

        • I expect the family would have been quite dismayed that her full name was used in the article (if they ever saw it), she probably ceased to exist in their little world.
          I wonder what happened to her in the end. I can’t find anything as yet, I will have to keep searching.

          • Please do find out what happened to her, if you can. I just hope the punishment wasn’t too severe. This is a woman I would love to have met… in a nice tea house with no guns or knives in sight!

    • I wonder what her childhood dreams were? Maybe this is what she always wanted to do. Good on her for going against stereotypes 🙂

  4. I really admire historical female figures like this – they must have been such strong characters to go against the mold! Love the idea of a Pirate Queen 🙂 Very fitting for Jubilee weekend.

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