15 comments on “What is on your front lawn?

  1. They look like they’re carved out of granite. I wouldn’t like to meet the fairy who could take a bite out of a thing like that, or perhaps there are no fairy rings near one like that. You will let us know if you see a door open in one so we can find out who lives in a house like this.

    • They do look like rocks don’t they. They are actually a consistency more like dense foam. If there was a door in there it probably would be a portal into a slimy pit of doom!

  2. Try a yard full of red and black stinkhorns. The smell is horrendous from one alone. It’s worse when there’s about ten. And although they’re small, they’re as unsightly as the critter coming up in your yard.

    • I was looking at pictures of stinkhorns on the interweb, some of them are just amazingly alien! As long as they were stinkless I would love those ones in my garden, since they stink I am glad we don’t have them. What do you do with them? Do you just live with them or get out the mower and squish them? Or does that just spread the stench? Eeek!

      • Luckily we were able to get rid of them. But for the most part no one can get rid of stinkers. People put limestone down or dig them up carefully and the eggs, and trash them. But the spores let loose and you just can’t get rid of them. And the flies flock to them. It can be a very nasty situation.

  3. Love your little (not so little) shrooms. I love mushrooms. Unfortunately, most of the mushroom decor I’ve run across has been fashioned of tie dye and/or reeked of patchouli, so I have very few mushroom items to decorate with. I could die a happy girl if I got those beautiful lawn ornaments every year!

    • At this time of year the cold wet weather means out garden is filled with a huge variety of fungus. My love for them is so well known that about 10 years ago when a friend had her lawn covered with hundreds of fly agaric toadstools she called me so I could get over there and take photos of them before her husband got out there with the mower! The kids were really small and all thought it looked like a fairy city.
      Of course us adults couldn’t get them off the lawn quickly enough since we had a houseful of tiny kids who couldn’t really go outside without tripping over a crowd of hallucinogenic toadstools. Not the best playground environment!
      I’m totally with you disliking the tie-dye type of mushroom decor, I love the alien-ness of them, not the fairy related fungus! I will have to post a few photos of some of the other ones we have 🙂

  4. I love this post! Gosh, what are they? A hybrid between a mushroom and a toadstall? What feeds on them? And they leave behind slime? It sounds like an alien movie or a story about very ugly fairies!

    • I’m not sure what they really are. I think a few things probably feed on them judging by the many bites. In that photo you can make out shiny slime trails from snails or slugs that have had a turn but I am not sure what else eats them.
      I can imagine angry, hungover fairies stumbling out of these battered fungus, not the twinkly fairies from the mushrooms of our childhood fairy tales 🙂

      • can you get a picture when they are all slimy… as gross as it is I am intruiged, I have never seenanything like this befre. Where do you live, that might have something to do with it?

        • I was thinking of doing just that but I wasn’t sure if anyone would want to see it, I will now though, thanks!

          We live in the Yarra Valley and they come up under a gum tree near the house and next to the old underground septic tank but nowhere else on our block. Obviously that environment is perfect for them and I would love to know what they really are. Probably something horrifying 🙂

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