10 comments on “Girly helplessness, 1890’s style.

  1. I think you’re casting asparagus on ‘man’kind here and I resemble that. This sounds like a description of a woman who either plots to have her husband do it all or wants a servant. The facts is in our house my wife can make all my whites pink with no effort while in my case it’s because the colour catchers don’t work. She can turn out a loaf that looks like it’s just been discovered in an excavation whilst in my case it’s because the pre-mix I bought was obviously wrong. Neither of us dropped our results on the dog simply because we don’t have one. We tend to eat out a lot now.
    As for some of the other tricks, well the carriage has long gone since she rides the horse instead. We can’t get to tennis since Wimbledon is too far away, and who can afford a ticket to the theatre any more? So given just the first two items in the list who is fooling who? It’s completely obvious that I’m innocent in all this chicanery. I’ll leave you to decide for yourself about my wife……..

    • Sorry about that, I was trying to cast nasturtiums. I do understand that you believe yourself to be innocent of all charges. I am on the other side of the world but I still think I heard the disbelieving splutter from your wife…. 😉

      I am totally with Lady J, I have dealt with the problem of turning the whites pink by ensuring no-one in the house wears white. I cannot bake bread either, the bakery is close by and I am really good at buying it, does that count?

      I am excellent at the fire, number 1 is in training although the Man is to do no more than put wood on the hearth. If he so much as opens the door of the fire it immediately dies and it is up to me to revive it. Funny that his outdoor bonfires seem to go all day though. Perhaps that can be put down to inappropriate application of flammable liquids.

  2. With a few, relatively minor, updates — like technological vapors it could be the start of one of those crazy romantic comedy movies, with both the man and the woman using ‘incompetence’ to get away with never doing the laundry, etc.

    Crazy/Funny bit of history, too!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂
      Can you imagine a house where both members were ‘incompetent’? I imagine they would spend most of their time eating out (nobody cooks), shopping for new clothes (since no-one does the laundry) and visiting friends (to be in a clean house)!

  3. “At the theatre I would wear the biggest hat obtainable.”

    I wouldn’t do that today. There was a fight recently in a theater due to an annoying movie goer 😉

    Incidentally there was a Robert Jones Burdette from Illinois, later lived in California, who was a humorist (I’ve read some of his stories). He was distant cousin of my grandfather. This may be a long shot, but judging by the writing…Do you know if this is the same man? Enjoyed the post, need more laughs!

    • Yes, I think the big hat would get you noticed for all the wrong reasons!
      These writings do sound like those of a professional humorist, and clearly by the mention of his name with no further details we are expected to already have an idea who he is. I don’t know if it is the same man but when I first read this article I did wonder if he was any relation to you!

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