19 comments on “A bonus delivery.

  1. We have them… But we call them woodlouses. I wonder if they are the same, but they look like little armadillos!

    • We have wood louse here too, we call them Slaters and the curling-up ones are called Butcher Boys. These guys are much bigger, the size of a thumbprint and with their antenna and eyes underneath their armour rather than on the edge of it like the wood louse.
      They are a bit like armadillos, they trundle along like them too. 😀

      • I love a bit of taxonomy research. Turns out that your cockroaches are insects whilst the woodlice that they resemble are crustaceans. So whilst they occupy a similar niche, they evolved from rather different ancestors… convergent evolution!
        Oh, and we call the little woodlice that roll into balls ‘pill bugs’

  2. Now I know their true size I don’t think we have an equivalent here though I thought at first they were woodlice too. Our kids break up for the Summer holidays for 6 weeks on 19th July so I’m having 3 days away next week before all the prices go up. I hope the boys haven’t grown too much during their break, getting new clothes can be a constant battle.
    Nice to have you back skiver.
    xxx Hugs xxx

    • Wood lice/slaters are much plumper than these guys too. These ones are very flat when they lie down and their plates touch the ground all around. They can be very hard to get a twig under to winkle them out of a gap, they are very good at clinging on!

      Good idea of yours to go on holiday before they change the price tags on everything, I’m sure you’ll have a good time, especially as there won’t be hordes of unattended children roaming the streets.. 😉
      If there were my advice would be to take an extra jabby walking stick away with you.

      Yes, the boys have grown, seemingly overnight! It must be something about holidays. Ihave already had to shell out for new pants for No 1 and shoes for No 2. I have threatened them with tying bricks to their heads to stop anymore of this getting bigger caper… 😀

      Hugs to you. 😀

  3. Oh! Thank you so much for that pic, and thanks to the little guys for standing still long enough for you to take it. I’ve seen lots of these little guys out in the garden but never knew what they were. I’m so glad you and the boys rescued them.

  4. They look like Star Trek bugs. Of course they got a gig at your house! Your native cockroaches are so much cooler looking than their northern brethren… Ours just look like bigger uglier indoor cockroaches which insn’t very smart because there’s little grace for them. I killed a humungous one who had ventured inside at TA then felt bad when I thought about it… I could have chucked it back outside if it promised to change its wandering ways. Had it been one of yours the visual cue would have been there.
    It would have to be bugs that got you out of your lovely holiday hiatus 🙂

    • Yep, I’m a sucker for a bug. 😀

      There are a few garden cockroaches here that look sufficiently similar to the indoor type who end up being fed to the chooks if I come across them. I feel slightly guilty but they should have stayed out of my way… These guys though, they are definitely alien-like enough to warrant positive attention.
      I love watching these ones move about, their plates all seem to move independently so they are surprisingly flexible.

  5. They look like our roly polys or pill bugs. I’m not all that acquainted with the bug world but we do have the flat-types too that look like this. But usually we just group them all into the same category (scientists would cringe) – roly poly. Oh and I hope this isn’t as big as it looks in the photo: http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcStqRX6fp6X6K3eu3_yNpRY35bHmsCotqAHBsr9uZFSfyFc1t58OQ

    I’m not feeling overly fond of bugs today. A yellow jacket latched on to me while walking and stung me. He’s lucky he didn’t end up squished. 😉

    • A biting bug is never as popular as one who just walks about looking interesting! Even though I love bugs if they give me a bite they get the boot… 😀

  6. I was totally unfamiliar with “good” ones. Glad to hear they exist. The ones here in New York are extremely unpleasant and are likely to outlive the human race.

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