31 comments on “We’re gonna need a bigger helicopter…

    • As soon as I saw this I thought of you! Yes, horrible is the word. I think the way the almost all the sharks seem to becoming down jaws first is the most funny part. How shocked do you think a real falling shark would be. Completely confused rather than bent on revenge I think! 😀

      • The writer had a twisted mind, methinks. 😉 The sharks do look a tad bit absurd at that. Raining frogs, apples, maggots or small fish yes, but sharks? Has this happened before – sharks being picked up in waterspouts? They’re heavy creatures but then if a waterspout was powerful enough, it would be possible? This is almost too ridiculous to contemplate. Just another reason to be thankful we don’t have cable. 😀

        This was in my email this morning: http://www.oldsaltblog.com/2013/07/sharknado-frenzy-engulfs-social-media-what-is-it-about-bad-shark-horror-movies/

        • I did do a post ages ago about a crocodile that supposedly fell in a shower of rain but, well, you know, something that heavy falling from the sky sounds a bit unlikely. I guess any shark who fell from above would more likely just be lying on the concrete in a puddle of shark goo or just thinking owwwww and hoping for water, not trying to kill all humans!

          Thanks for the link, I’m off to have a look. It has been all over Aussie tv as well today so I guess that it won’t be too long before it is on here too… Eeeek!

  1. WTF? Too violent for TV… Too stupid. One of the male actors looks like one the guys off the auction hunters show where they buy a storage unit and discover $1000’s of saleable items… I can’t believe someone spent $$$$ to make a movie that is so ridiculous… I wonder if it’s 3D.

    It won’t be scoring a place in my top 1,000,000 movies 😊

    • I know, too violent for tv? There is so much dreadful stuff on there today that one more shark movie is barely worth a mention.

      I wonder if this one will end join the all time top ten of the it’s so bad it’s good? Not mine of course.. 😀

      • I’m hazarding a guess it’s just plain bad. It’s still boggling my mind that someone came up with the concept and got the funding to make the movie… I’m sure there’s a target audience though…

        • I saw the moviemaker on the telly this morning and when asked how he came up with the idea he said that the syfy channel gave him the title and he had to come up with the movie.
          I guess that all this free advertising it has received from everyone groaning about it has really been mission accomplished hasn’t it?
          Clearly they didn’t want any kind of blockbuster, just a sharks and tornado talking point. Someone will probably get a pay rise out of this one!

  2. I managed to miss it when it aired — completely missed it, didn’t even know it was on. BUT they discussed it on the evening news the following night. One of those very odd “human interest/entertainment industry” stories, describing the cheesy dialog and how it was a huge, and surprising, hit for the SyFy channel. Kind of glad I missed it.

    • It does seem to have blow up beyond all expectations doesn’t it.

      Although it is just not the thing for me there are times when movies just need to be mindless entertainment rather than meaningful art don’t they. Clearly this one fits that bill!
      I doubt that you need to see much more than what is in the trailer to get the feel of the whole thing though…. 🙂

  3. Ah, in the same class as “Mega shark vs Giant octopus” but with better CGI and not starring teenage pop sensation, Debbie Gibson. For an analysis of what really happens when sea creatures fall from the sky, read Douglas Adams’ description in Hitchhiker’s Guide. It’s all you need to know.

    Brilliant post – I wonder, what would The Piano Guys make of the movie? “Cello-nado”, perhaps?

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