13 comments on “Tickled to death. 1950.

    • I read this to the Man and he was of much the same mind. I waved a knife at him and he didn’t laugh at all. Funny, that…… 😉

  1. I’m completely shocked! Didn’t she know that all the vitamins are in the skin of the apple?

    Ahem… After reading this article I went straight to the kitchen and had a look at all my paring knives. I discovered that not only are all of them too short to do much damage, unless cunningly inserted into a vital organ but most don’t have a tip sharp enough. Now I admit that if someone sat up suddenly the force might be powerful enough to push said knife into said flesh but only if I, as the holder of the knife, were keeping it rock steady with both hands.

    I wonder how she sharpened that knife to get it just right?

    • I wonder if she took a run up from the door to get the right amount of force behind it? It must have been a hell of an apple to need a knife that was big enough to reach a vital organ.

      P.S. The Man doesn’t say “you know the fastest way to a man’s heart” anymore, as I always answer with “Yes, up and under the ribcage”. I think he might be a little scared of me…..

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