13 comments on “A memorial regenerated. The Lone Pine, Melbourne.

    • It is sad, but at least they had the forethought to grow a standby tree to replace it. A living memorial like that will never last as long as we might like it to.

  1. It’s remarkable that anything came back alive from Gallipoli. For a soldier to have have brought back a seed and from that seed been able to raise a tree is truly amazing. The tree’s demise is somewhat ironic in that the last World War I veteran just died within the past year or so.

    I agree that the officials who were wise enough to foresee the day when the original tree would falter should be commended. And afterall, we all live on through our offspring, do we not?

    • It is amazing isn’t it. I was really surprised to find that so many years lapsed between him bringing it back and the first lot of seedlings too. That pine cone was really patient, wasn’t it! You can actually buy seeds from the tree too. I wonder how many Lone Pines there are in Australia?

      I bet this back-up tree had a few back-up trees of its own, just in case of disaster!

  2. Ah I love stories of continuity. If they’d just decided to replace that pine with something else then I’d be up in arms but having its own offspring take its place is so /right/. Generations of people have continued to honour the Shrine and the fallen so it seems only right that generations of trees should do the same thing. Love the whole idea.

    • You know, when I heard the start of the news report I immediately went …grrrrr…. but when they said what it will be replaced with I was ok with it, then they explained the recycling the wood and I thought it was just wonderful.
      A tree will never last forever and to think that they have planned appropriate replacements for the long term, and even have plans to make sure the old wood doesn’t just get thrown away warmed my heart 🙂

      I have noticed that the Shrine seems to become more and more popular every year. I would love to go to the dawn service there one ANZAC day, but I have to confess that leaving home in the middle of the night for the trek there is just a little more than I can bear… 😉

      • Yes, that respectful attention to detail really pleased me as well.

        I’ve never been to a dawn service and to be honest I don’t think I ever will coz 8am is dawn as far as I’m concerned! Just not an early bird. There is something special about it though isn’t there?

        • I am not morning person either, in the past I have gone down to the dawn service in the town and then come home and gone back to bed…

          You would probably love to hear the sounds of the Last Post drifting through the early morning fog. It is an otherworldly experience, makes you feel hugely patriotic.

          • The Last Post is haunting, as is that poem – Ode to Remembrance. I always get the chills at this bit –

            “Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
            At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
            We will remember them.”

            I have a thing about being remembered. I guess it’s the closest an atheist can get to immortality.

          • Yep, that bit gives me chills too. Ok, here is a clip for you, bring out the tissues… I’ve gotta go to the next dawn service…..

    • I find it amazing that these soldiers carried the pine cones around throughout the rest of their war, and that they actually made it home for the seeds they carried to be planted. People are amazing things.

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