13 comments on “ANZAC Day 2013.

  1. No matter how often I hear those words they still affect me. They are very moving as is the Last Post played at the end of the day. Without their sacrifice many of us wouldn’t be here today. Thank you from the people of Europe who owe so much to the brave ANZAC troops.

    • I agree, I looked at a few clips to find one I wanted and each time I heard the recitation or the post it still gave me the same feeling.

  2. Technically my family were on the ‘wrong’ side, but those words still give me goosebumps. Courage and self-sacrifice are two of the strongest, deepest traits of the human soul, and should always be honoured. Lest we forget.

  3. That is a very striking cenotaph. It’s great to have the statue perpetually guarding the town. After all, it’s their towns and people the Diggers were fighting for. I have a huge affection for the country town icons such as this, and their ANZAC Day services/marches. Despite arriving at TA at 1am we were up again at 4.30 am for Dawn Service (with its usual kookaburra chorus) followed by a bit of communal brekkie. Home to bed again before 7 am, slept for a few hours, unpacked-tidied-showered and back for the ANZAC March at 1.30pm followed by a couple of beers & a catch up. As always I was struck by the community of the events, and figured the Diggers would be happy knowing what they fought for is truly valued, and that we do remember them.

    • What a great, if tiring, ANZAC day you had. 😀
      I love cenotaphs, especially ours, and I love that he is facing into the town rather than out. From that spot he can even watch a corner of the weekend footy or cricket, the Sunday market is spread before him, and he can see the kids at the park. 😀

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