17 comments on “An ANZAC gift.

    • It is a great thing to do isn’t it.
      The police paying for it themselves, that makes it a personal act of kindness rather than part of the job. Good on them. 😀

  1. I remember hearing about the theft, but completely missed the rest of this wonderful story. Makes you wonder how human beings can be so shitty one minute [to steal the medals in the first place], and then so generous and compassionate the next [to replace them]. Great, uplifting story. 🙂

    • Replacing the medals was an amazingly nice thing to do, that story made my day.
      I really don’t understand why someone would take medals from a home, surely they would know that they have no monetary value. I guess if you are breaking into houses for fun you probably aren’t smart enough to know more than the fact that it is shiny and you want it. 😦

  2. The police acted in true Digger spirit. As for the idiot thieves, much as I dislike to agree with Barry, they are mongrels and they should hand them back. Otherwise yes, they have big bad karma coming at them.

    • If only the thieves were enlightened enough to realise that karma will get them one day. I guess if they were it would never have happened In the first place.
      Good on the police and yes, I hate to agree with a pollie but I think there isn’t anyone who would disagree with his assessment.
      Hope you had a good weekend at TA. 😀

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