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    • I can thank the wonders of the photo editing apps on my iPad for this photo going from an overexposed mess to something much nicer! It was taken backwards out of the open window while we were zooming down the road. 🙂
      This spot is a few towns away, and a conveniently positioned side road means the embankment on the main road opens up to give us this view. When I used to drive to work early in the morning I always loved driving past this spot. Some mornings the whole valley would be filled with mist and other times there would be hot air balloons drifting through frighteningly close to the road!

  1. We sometimes watch ‘Escape to the Country’ and I often think that some of the beautiful British valley views we see on that show look like our valley here! 🙂

    • Number 2 is an apple addict and eats them constantly so we got his two favourites, Royal Gala and Granny Smith.
      I also ordered a new type from the Diggers Club called Wild Granny which won me over with the story behind its discovery. Apparently the tree was very old, and was found out in the bush near the Snowy River all by itself while one of the Diggers people was camping. Wouldn’t you love to know who dropped the seed all those years ago?

      I am very excited about them, the poor Man has spent all weekend building retaining walls to hold them upon the slope along the fence. 😀

      • I’m a Diggers member as well and I think I remember reading about that apple tree. I was tempted too but I already have an apple with royal gala and fuji grafted onto it. Still haven’t tasted the fruit though cos the damn possum ate it all… before it was even ripe.

        Take some pics once they’re in. 🙂

        • That is the problem isn’t it…. So many plants you want and not enough places to plant them!

          We are remodelling one part of the garden along the fence that had been the same boring, steep, slope since we bought the house. I am very excited. 😀 It is about 20m long and about 3m wide in places. We are going to turn it into a fruit garden with three sleeper-length apple tree beds separated by the same sized beds for whatever berries catch my eye. Yum!

          • That sounds really good! I have 11 different fruit trees dotted around [depending on availability of soil and protection from alpacas], plus kiwi vines and a passionfruit that went in just last spring. Haven’t had much fruit off any of them thanks to the possums but next summer I intend to have netting over EVERYTHING! I don’t mind sharing but the little beggars take the lot unless I pick it green. 😦

          • Availability of soil is the problem here too. Plenty of space out there in the clay, nobody wants to grow there! We are building the big beds so we can buy some good soil and give them a start.

            We are planning to net ours too, a advantage of them being on a slope is that on one side we will be standing at branch level, much easier to get the net over! Sharing is ok, the possums and birds don’t share though, do they!

          • Yeah, between the clay, the birds and the possums, growing edibles is an uphill battle but boy it tastes good when we succeed!

          • It sure does, it not only tastes good, it is soooo satisfying! And those fresh eggs are going down a treat too. 😀

          • Speaking of eggs… and by inference chickens and roosters, a friend rang tonight hoping I knew of a farm in the Eltham area that would adopt a young rooster and his small family. My friend lives in Selby, up in the Dandenongs, on a 3 acre property and apparently someone complained about the crowing. 😦

            I don’t suppose you’d be interested in expanding your little ‘family’ of hens?

          • Eeek! Don’t even suggest it! Actually we just had the ‘more chickens’ discussion tonight. The kids and I are all for it, the Man, not so much. I don’t think a rooster will be very popular around here though, our chickies shout loudly enough at us as it is. 😀 I will keep you in mind though if I hear of someone else who is looking for some. Thanks for thinking of me though. 🙂

          • Oh this is a great option Metan! Thank you so much. I’ll pass that link along to my friend right away.

          • Maybe you should look at their site, you’ll fall in love with one of their chickens and end up buying a kit! 😉

          • Nooooo! I slept 20 feet from a chicken coop when we first moved to Warrandyte and I’ve had my chicken fix. My neighbour, who owned the chickens, would often give me freshly laid eggs and they were delicious. But the rooster? He woke me every morning at 5am for the first six months. I got used to it after that but… no, never again. 😀

          • Oh no, I would never tell someone to get a rooster! There is one up the road that we hear sometimes and that is quite enough for me! The girls though, they are just entertainment. 😀
            Actually, someone a few doors in the other direction has a duck that has a big shout a few times a day, I am not sure if it is happiness or grumpiness but I am glad we live far enough away to only hear it while we are outside!

          • -giggles- All the joys of the farmyard! The alpacas sometimes make this high pitched squealing sound that is their alarm signal but mostly they are nice and quiet. Speaking of, I’d better go and give them some lucerne. Having to hand feed them as the grass she just ain’t growing.

          • 🙂 Ahh, the things we do for pets. I have been outside today between the moaning and retching of the children and made a screen for some of the wire on the front of the chooks house. The weather has become so cold I think they need a bit more protection at night now, otherwise our eggs might be frozen!

          • Yeah, it has been seriously chilly. I had the heater on today and all my furkids were parked in my office. Nobody wanted to go outside. 🙂

          • I don’t blame them, I have weakened and am getting a load of wood delivered for the fire tomorrow. The cold has finally won…

          • Don’t think of it as surrender! You are merely choosing to enjoy the aesthetic quality of a fire. 😉

          • Yes, that is exactly it. Now if only someone else would do the wood stacking and the fire cleaning I could just sit back and do nothing BUT enjoy it!
            It is lovely to toast my toes by though. 😀

          • Yeah, ducted heating can’t touch the feel of real, radiant heat where you need it most! I personally tend to toast my rear but toes are good too. 😉

    • Thanks! I am really enjoying the photo editing apps on my iPad, photos I would have trashed before are now being tweaked to make them seem like I am a much better photographer than I really am!

  2. It looks like this stunning view is available for sale… I could imagine a little recycled house, perched a little lower down the slope, with a lovely verandah 🙂

    • Actually, the photo was taken right on the edge of the town of Woori Yallock. Had I swung the camera to the right you would have seen the start of all the houses in the town! I expect that the block will end up with a boring new house on it, although it will be one with a million dollar view. 🙂

  3. Man, YOU live in a gorgous area. I need to get out and take more photos of Seattle, WA to put on my blog. It is quite stunning here also. God made a beautiful world.

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