20 comments on “Just westing. 1945.

      • lol – ‘only in Melbourne’ right? And yes I did enjoy my west. In fact I was naughty and had a nap! I think I’m catching up from the lack of decent sleep last week.

        • After your Miira fest I am not surprised that you are worn out.

          Yes, this weather only in Melbourne. Last week we were sweltering, today they predicted snow down to 1200m! I lit the fire tonight because it was freezing and they are forecasting 31 on Friday. Confusion……

  1. I definitely needed a giggle this morning. My new neighbor in the apartment above mine is having renovations done. It’s quiet and then BANG I’m in a construction site. I needed a silly distraction and the rabbit was perfect. Thanks!

    • I never thought of a Westinghouse as a place for a nice rest but I guess if your idea of paradise is a nest among the veg you couldn’t pick a better spot 😉

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