12 comments on “An unexpected gift. 1935.

  1. I have to ask- has anyone ever reared a baby crocodile as a pet? Is it the kind of animal you can take for walkies in the park and expect it not to eat any dogs it comes across. I wonder if you can tame them……I only ask as they’d be great for making sure the crowds moved out of your way when Christmas shopping.

    • I think there are a few out there although they aren’t the kind of pet you watch telly with on the couch. They are more of a ‘heavily fortified enclosure and hope the neighbours kids ball doesn’t come over the fence’ kind of pet.

      I know that I havce heard of a few of them in the news but do you think I could find any of the reports when I searched?! I did find this one though, of a pet croc who was inherited by a man when his father died. It is complete with a phtot of the croc propped up at the bar of a pub in the 70’s.

      • The Marquis de Lafayette was given an alligator while on tour of the US in the 1820s. It stayed in the East Room at the White House. I’ve seen different accounts of what he did with it, but it seems the general consensus is that he gave the gator to President John Adams. Adams was eccentric enough and considered disagreeable that I wonder if he let the creature loose on the White House grounds just to keep people away. 😉

        • I wonder how happy the alligator would have been in a proper room, no matter how luxurious, instead of a swamp or waterway? It would certainly have made a good intruder deterrent if it was kept in a perpetually bad mood! 🙂

          I think alligators are more popular as pets than crocodiles and salt water crocodiles are the least popular of all! Pass on all of the above for me, I prefer to do my gardening in peace without worrying about one of my pets deciding I would make a tasty snack….. 🙂

  2. I’m thinking al la your last comment the alligator was a DIY handbag kit 😉 My first thought though was there are occasions when I’d like a moat and a contingent of alligators… when I just need some me time.

    • I agree, how good would man-eating perimeter guards be!

      Maybe her parents should have given her two eggs, she could have grown a new pair of shoes 😉

    • Imagine delivering a crocodile egg to a nineteen year old as a gift these days. I doubt it would be received with much appreciation!
      I wonder if her parents knew it was still a viable egg and expected the hatching?

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