13 comments on “An early Christmas visitor.

    • The only thing that is squished without question in the house is spiders, and even then they get a 5 minute warning before the slam.

      We have quite a variety of beetles here so number 2 is kept amused by them all the time. 🙂

    • He is quite well versed in bug lore and is not likely to pick up something that will do him harm. If he is not sure he will get a stick and get them to climb up on it so they still be rescued but he doesn’t get hurt.

      It was a beautiful beetle, those white flecks all over it were tiny hairs and, once warmed up, it was busily waving its antennae that had what looked like tiny leaves on the ends. 🙂

    • The Goliath beetles are beautiful huge things, aren’t they? Number 2 would love a pet beetle that big, although I am not sure I would be too happy to hear something that big banging on the windows at night! The considerably smaller beetles we already have give me quite enough of a start when they do!

    • He is a kind hearted soul. 🙂 None of us are scared of picking up critters and saving them but he is our official ‘bug saver’ because he gets so much joy out of it. He takes it so personally that we had to have a bug funeral recently after one critter discovered damaged in the garden was cared for for a week before succumbing.

      • Oh dear… 😦 I know how that feels. I have 4 tiny native fishies in my pond and every night I check them by torch light to make sure they haven’t been eaten. I promised myself I wouldn’t get attached to /fish/ but…-sigh-

        • It sounds awful but I couldn’t wait for the thing to die. Poor Number 2, he spent nights worrying about it and every day at school convinced that it would be dead until he came home and saw it was ok. The death was inevitable and I couldn’t stand the stress on him!

          I know how you feel though, I would check the fish too.

          • It’s a hard lesson to learn. I did the same thing with a sick kitten at about the same age as no.2. He’ll grow up to be a champion of all things small and helpless.

  1. Nice to be a member of Number 2 Son’s Christmas Beetle fan club. I’ve always loved them, and seeing my first one for the season is always a highlight… until this year… when it somehow made its way into our apartment foyer and couldn’t escape… I helped it on his way, out the window and bang onto the path a floor below… oops, I’d overestimated the strength it had left to fly. I redeemed myself, I hope, the next morning when another but feisty leopard spot Chrissy Beetle couldn’t navigate its way over the balcony railing… I set it free… up up and away this time.
    My dog was also a member of the Jack Christmas Beetle fan club, so upon seeing one I couldn’t express my delight as it would alert her to its presence and it would become a crunchy dog snack… eeeewww gross 🙂

    • Glad to hear that your second rescue went better than the first, I won’t tell number 2 that the first beetle was thrown to his death 😉 Beetles are just beautiful things aren’t they, so many different varieties and no matter where you are some will be close by.

      I wonder what it is about beetles that is irresistible to dogs? Jack would eat every one she came across given the chance. Actually, I haven’t found a single thing that dog won’t taste test. I just hope that no snakes cross her path this summer 😦

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