11 comments on “Something that always makes me laugh. Australian sign language, as told by Adam Hills.

  1. How glad am I that I’m Welsh ! I’ve seen Adam on many panel shows over here but never seen his routine, unless he incorporates the leg into it which he’s shown on one show I saw. Very, very funny and clever.
    Fair dinkum sport, you have some great Aussie exports but any chance of you taking Rolf Harris back now?

    • The leg is a very funny part of his show at times 🙂 I didn’t know that he was on shows overseas, I would love to see that!

      No. Just no. Rolf is yours now. I have noticed him back on the telly recently doing a remake of the old British paints ads. That is quite enough of him. Just no.

  2. I’ve seen that one! He is definitely my favourite ‘straight’ as in standup comedian [Nick Minchin is of course my favourite singing and dancing one :D]

  3. I took a one-day course in sign language a few years ago. It is quite difficult yet very satisfying to learn and many of the expressions seem to make perfect sense that this is how words or a concept should be communicated. Interesting that there isn’t a ‘universal’ sign language and that it varies from country to country.

    • For a long time, and for no logical reason, I always assumed that there was only one sign language worldwide. Of course, now that I think about it that is completely ridiculous!

      Both of the kids have had kids with disabilities in their classes over the years and have picked up a bit of the sign language used by them which is called Makaton. I have to say that the actions used for words are very logical ones and we still use a few of them in our house!

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