7 comments on “Neuroscientist explains how to stimulate young brains – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

  1. The singer not the song. What she was too nice or perhaps too humble to say was that /teachers/ are the magic ingredient. A good, dedicated teacher can teach anything, anywhere. All the other stuff if just props and aids. Sadly, poorer areas often get poorer quality teachers. Not always but often. One of the best teaching supervisors I had while doing my training taught in an underprivileged school out near Tullamarine. She was so good she could have taught anywhere but she chose to teach there. The worst supervisor was at another outer suburban school. The best teachers I met, on /average/, were in private schools or in those public schools that had a reputation for being ‘good’.

    -shrug- I don’t know what the answer is but I know that until teaching becomes a vocation our kids will continue to suffer.

    • Teachers are so important, number 1 had a teacher so wonderful in grade 1 that when she went to teach overseas we kept in email contact for those few years. When she returned to teach at the school this year she was swamped by adoring kids that never forgot her.

      I latched on to the bit in this interview when she was saying was that the earlier parents start trying to put information into their kids heads, and the wider the variety, the easier it is for later learning to stick.

      It drives me mad when parents just keep kids alive until the age of 5 and then expect all the book learning to start on the first day of school. The kids have missed out on all those years of thinking and asking questions from a kids point of view, and it makes it so hard for the teachers to start any learning.

      My kids always used to amaze me with the things they asked, and the concepts they could understand, even when they were very young. They weren’t geniuses, we just bothered to spend time explaining stuff.

      I love that she gave up neuroscience to start teaching just to try to make a difference to only 30 or so kids a year. My kids are very lucky to go to a government school where they want each child to do succeed and do their best to help each child do so. I am pretty scared of High School though, I think it might be a little different then!

      • Parents never stop needing to teach their kids, it’s just that the lessons keep changing 😀 I think your boys will do fine wherever they go because you’re not the kind of parent who stops being interested just because they’re at school. Mine is 25 now and doesn’t need to be taught [haha as if she’d let me] but she still needs me to be interested in what she’s doing. I guess we all need that at any age 🙂

        • I have noticed that the more interest you show in stuff that is important to them (Little boys=Pokemon, dinosaurs, video games etc) the more other stuff they want to share with you.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, I love your article about kids learning other languages, I think it should be compulsory in schools. They wouldn’t even have to grade them on it, just to expose them to it would make me happy!

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