18 comments on “Another unexpected find, wrong on so many levels….

    • I just cracked up when I read this. Some peoples lives, eh? I could just imagine stripper music playing loudly in the background too, perhaps that is what drove the cops to look inside that door? 😉

  1. After viewing the link I’m very happy you outlined our reasons for the never-to-be-realized desire for guard crocodiles… weird, very weird… me thinks the homeowner has been indulging in a little too much of his hydroponic wacky weed 🙂

    • 😀 I wanted to be clear to everyone that we just want privacy and are amused at the thought of a moat with teeth, this guy…. well… I’m with you, too much smoking, too few brain cells. 🙂

  2. OK, at first I thought you were making this one up. As separate things you could believe this, a cannabis grower, maybe an idiot with exotic pets and perhaps a stripper who practices at home. But together, it’s totally unreal that is until you read the report. Wouldn’t you just love to read the minds of the policemen who walked in on this situation.

    • I know I post about some pretty weird stories but would never be so silly to make something this outrageous up myself and expect you to believe it! 🙂

      I too would love to have seen the looks on the faces of the police. I expect that there was a fair bit of laughter when they went to call for backup as well.

  3. I guess the climate controlled (Washington State is cold a damp) interior pot plant growing heat and moisture was alligator friendly. Plus it’s unlikely that people will wander in long enough to steal. Like the start of a wacky crime thriller!

    • As silly as it sounds I kind of understand the whole alligator guard thing. After all, unlike dogs you don’t have to train them to eat intruders and really, they may well eat the evidence!

      The stripper pole though. That is the bit I just don’t get. Having alligators roaming around during the performance would mean you could never really relax in that room could you? Not the right environment for that kind of entertainment!

    • I suspect that every person involved in this little disaster, apart from the police, could describe their life up til now as A Series of Unfortunate Events…. 🙂

  4. I think I’m a lot more naive than I thought I was! When I first read ‘adult entertainer’, I imagined some kind of blowup ‘toy’ or something. Then I read the article and realised the entertainer was a /person/. So room, 2 smallish alligators, a woman, a brass pole and lots of marijuana plants… but the attempted murder charge against the owner of the apartment was for shooting a passing car and hitting the driver. NOT for trying to feed the entertainer to the alligators. So, did she entertain /using/ the alligators [and the pole]? But if that’s the case then where did the entertainee enjoy this entertainment? The more I think about this the more baffled I become.

    I think this is a job for P.I. Metan. Can you find any more info on this?

    • I doubt there will be a follow up on this one. I expect that the rest of the story is adding another charge to existing rap sheet, bailed, court, jail, release, repeat….. I guess the stripper wasn’t doing anything illegal so she and her pole were probably sent packing!

      I would love to know if the alligators were part of the act or if they were just decoration. When I read this I just imagined that there was a chair with immensely long legs facing the stripper so the audience of one could watch without getting his legs chomped 😉

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