8 comments on “Gardening can be deadly.

    • Imagine how you would feel when you were filling up the wheelbarrow in your driveway and smacked it with the shovel…. Lucky it didn’t go off when it was delivered!

  1. I wondered the same thing, how did it get there? Maybe a discarded souvenir that someone thought better of keeping… unlike us who have a very old hand grenade, one of many weird and wonderul objects excavated by the G.O. on job sites…

    • An old grenade? Wow, I bet he has come across some pretty cool things in his travels.

      I wonder about the origin of these old explosives too. I guess soldiers bought them back as souvenirs and didn’t know quite what to do with them later. Perhaps they just got buried down at the bottom of the garden, with the bottom of the garden eventually becoming a building site etc.

      After reading this article all I could imagine was the truck driving down the road and the rattling setting the bomb off while in traffic. Can you imagine what people would think of that? I wonder how long it would take before people were convinced it wasn’t some sort of terrorist attack? How on earth would the driver (if he survived) convincingly explain why he was carrying a bomb?

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