21 comments on “The real Rainbow Serpent?

  1. Heaven must be overpopulated with all the Gods who created places and who gave food etc. Mind you, some of them would be quite interesting characters I think. Gods with hammers, Elephant headed Gods and those with many arms, wow, she’d be great at a tea party handing out ten cuppas at once. The Gods of Dreamtime must have been interesting too with their pet snakes forming the world.

    • I love hearing about all the different gods too. I always wonder where the original stories came from.

      As far as the Dreamtime goes, there weren’t really gods, mainly spirits, good and bad. The Aboriginal beliefs were mainly totemic and they believed they and all the animals were equally part of the earth.

    • Good thought. I read an article where it was suggested that the Rainbow Serpent was the rainbow generated by the spray from a large waterfall, the name of which eludes me.
      Views of rivers across the flat outback look like the curved tracks of a snake, so I can see how the story may have originated.

  2. Oh my god this gave me chills. I knew the Rainbow Serpent was the ‘creator’ in the Dreamtime but I had never heard the complete story before. This explains so much I never understood about connection to ‘country’.

    Thanks so much for finding and posting this Metan. I hope you don’t mind but at some point I’m going to repost this in an attempt to spread it around further. 🙂

    Happy New Year’s Eve!

    • Having David Gulpilil narrate it was the perfect touch too wasn’t it? His voice is exactly what the story needed. I found other Rainbow Serpent stories on youtube but this one was the one that hit the right note. David Roughsey’s art is a great way to tell the story too.

      Happy New Year’s Eve to you too, what a beautiful day it is!

      • Do you remember that children’s movie ‘Walkabout’? Well I’ve loved Daivd Gulpilil since I saw that movie in my teens? Twenties? He is perfect as the narrator and the whole video clip was rivetting.

        The Daughter and I just had fish and chips [and salad] out on the deck. I can’t imagine a better summer’s day than today. 😀

        • I don’t remember that being a kids movie though…. The bit where the dad goes crazy and shoots himself was where it got serious for me!

          Glad you are having a nice end-of-year celebration with the Daughter. We had a barbie in a cloud of bubbles from the kids new bubble machine, the grass was green, the sky was blue, and the mozzies absent. You are right, it was the perfect summers day. 😀

          • Yeah that bit was awful but I guess it was about kids surviving in the bush so I’ve always thought of it as a kid’s book.

            Today was pretty extraordinary as well. I’m starting to get nervous. This actually feels like summer the way I remember it from my childhood!

            Bugger, I hope I didn’t just jinx everything.

          • Shhhhh…. I was just thinking the other day how lucky we have been with the weather and fires.

            I think this is the first xmas for ages that hasn’t been blanketed by smoke, with 774 running in the background for updates ‘just in case’.

            It is like the summers of old isn’t it 🙂

          • -whispers- Yes! I haven’t enjoyed a summer like this in years and years and years. But we’d better keep this very quiet, just in case. [I’m shocked that I’m actually half serious…]

      • I missed that post entirely but I’ve left a comment now. I’m still reeling though. This would have to be one of the best post-xmas presents ever. 😀 Your blog really is reaching out to the ends of the earth. -hugs-

        • I thought you might be interested 🙂 I was totally thrilled when I got the first comment, it was a great xmas present. Who’d’ve thought the post would get a comment from someone who read that long ago book, let alone a person who was related to the author! 😀

          • I know! But Buried Words and Bushwa has had other extraordinary visitors in the past as well. I think you deserve a big pat on the back. 😀

          • Thanks so much 🙂 When I first started blogging I doubted anyone would read my blog at all, so getting such interesting comments is a constant source of amazement to me!

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