24 comments on “A xmas blister.

  1. In our Costa Coffee the till is all high-tech and only accessible by finger-print access of designated staff – this makes it sound like I’ve been casing the joint – and there was one member of staff who had great difficulty as he was a guitar player in some band and it had “worn down!?!” his finger prints and the machine wouldn’t recognise him.

    • Now I think you havce been casing the joint, oh well, at least we know which member of staff is safe from having his digit removed so you can carry out your dastardly plan…

      I keep telling number 1 that it will toughen up and not to worry about it, I think at the start he thought his thumb might fall off altogether!

      • Yeah they have to toughen up! I’ve got a friend who’s a big canoeist and you should see the lumps and bumps on his hands. Actually the guitarist isn’t there anymore, but as I was writing that comment I couldn’t help but think of holes in their security, and bolt cutters!

        And, oddly enough, I’ve been there long enough that I do know where all the security cameras are and what they can and can’t see. Both of them. They’re forced to stay open late some days in the lead up to Christmas and I used to sit in their writing and be the only customer. Staff to customer ratio – 4:1. The staff used to sit behind a pillar, as there was nothing to do, where they knew that the big boss couldn’t see them if they remotely accessed the cameras over the internet!

        When I do strike with my big heist I’m a bit worried that I may not turn a profit after all the money I’ve put in doing these years of research!

        • The staff had better not start ruining your coffees, otherwise it might be the bolt cutters for them!

          Robbing your local coffee shop is probably quite pointless, you’re right. You will never get back all the money you have spent and then you have to find somewhere else to spend your time. Maybe if you start writing about the days spent outside your local bank I will start worrying…

    • I suspect it is because most parents have little tolerance for the noise or the whiny neighbours!

      We are quite tolerant of the noise, the more the kids play the faster they get better at it, and the neighbours are sufficiently far away that they can shut their windows if they don’t want to hear the racket. Just as well for them as number 1 also has a drum kit in his bedroom!

    • Probably 🙂 Blisters are usually bad things, I am pretty happy with this one though!

      Now I will add a clip that you can put on repeat for the next hour so you can see where the blister came from. He has many other things he could play but variations of this little riff appear to be the favourite right now….

  2. If you get a blister on your thumb* then that means you’re dedicated! I look forward to Number 1 son’s first album!

    * It also means you are living the Dire Straits song “Money for Nothing”.

    • He is in love with that guitar so it is nice for us to have not wasted the money.

      I look forward to his first album too, I keep telling the two of them (number 2 is a keyboard lover) to start a band and make a million dollars. Unlikely I know, but a bit of freeloading on our rich children might be the only way the Man and I get back all the money we have spent on the music paraphenalia over the last few years; lessons (for both), drumkit, guitars, keyboard, even bongos for gods sake! I don’t see an end in sight either… hmmm better go and buy a lotto ticket I think, it might be my only hope!

      • He he, good for him and you…I bought an electric guitar a year ago at the age of 53….never too old to be a rock chick!

        • I agree! Being older just means we can afford better toys 🙂

          I got number 1 to teach me a few drum beats because I couldn’t have his drumkit in the house and not have a crack at it. The first thing I did when I bought the new guitar home was to turn it on a have a go. Just to check it was in working order before wrapping it of course. No other reason…. 😉

  3. Stupidly, I bought our number one a Nintendo DS for Xmas. He is well on his way to developing a callous/ blister on his thumb for far less noble reasons than Deep Purple. How I wish he was belting out a rock classic instead of humming the Pirates of the Caribbean theme tune! This is unlikely, however, as every time 23 and I sing or dance to our music, he tells us to stop embarrassing ourselves :/

    (in number one’s defense, he does like House of the Rising Sun though; almost as much as Michael Jackson.)

    • The DS is something of a right of passage and, I think, completely unavoidable. Both our boys have one and once number 1 wore out his first one he got a DSi XL. Then a Vita.

      When the playing frenzy was at its worst I despaired of them ever being capable of living as normal humans! Now the playing has settled down and although they love their Wii that is easier to police.
      One of the reasons I am so tolerant of the guitar, keyboard and drum noises is because, like you, I see that noise as a far more noble thing that the beep beep beep of the game console!

      • Thank you for blazing the trail! I am hugely relieved to hear that he might tire of the DS and not spend the rest of his life as a pasty, Gollumesque creature with a vitamin D deficiency and an extreme sensitivity to sunlight!

        • I have been a bit mean about the DS at times though, and the Wii. The boys have some of those brain training games and sometimes I will only allow them to play that instead of Lego Star Wars/Indiana Jones/Batman or Sonic the Hedgehog. I proudly wear the crown of the Meanest Mum in the World at times 🙂

          When we have done huge road trips the DS have come into their own though, hundreds of kilometers later and still never an “Are we there yet”!

          Actually, one of the games I thought was really good for them was Scribblenauts. Education and fun. Whatever you write appears on the screen and has often resulted in howls of laughter. How do you get past a piranah to get a flower? Type ‘chainsaw’, cut down a tree near the bank and when it splashes into the water, climb down it, then chainsaw the piranah. Job done. 😀
          I found it was really good at helping with spelling as they wanted to write different words and would call out “mum, how do you spell shovel/ acid/helicopter?” I also used it to spread a bit of mythical monster love (not hard with small boys, as you no doubt know). Scribblenauts knows who Cthulhu is, a basilisk, medusa and many other characters from myth and fable.

          I am still worried that Number 1 might turn into that Gollumy creature. As he advances towards the teenage years I expect that any day now he will begin shutting himself away in the bedroom with that guitar and not show his face until dinner.
          Maybe we should put a skylight in his bedroom now while we still have access, that might save the day 😉

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