21 comments on “A Blue Banded bee and a Happy New Year to you!

  1. Congratulations, not only a good picture but an ambition achieved in the old year. That now leaves the New Year free to be excellent for you and I wish you Happiness, Health and much moolah in 2013.

  2. You need to talk The Husband in getting you one of those time-lapse cameras. Or wait, maybe I mean those ones that take photos super fast? Either way it’s a great start to 2013!

    • 🙂 I don’t like my chances of getting expensive and unnecessary camera equipment. Yet again.

      I think I’ll just have to sacrifice some more housework time and sit out on the front steps waiting for another bee for a few days. Just as well the kids are self-sufficient now 😉

  3. Fabulous photos… bless the bees who bring on my delicious fruit. Grrr to the beautiful ringtail possum who stripped the peach tree!!! 🙂 … Happy New Year!!!

    • Not the peach tree! Aaarrrgh….. I agree, bless the bees, there are not enough of the unusual types, we mainly see the imports.
      Happy New Year to you too, hopefully the possum develops a taste for something you don’t like as much as peaches next time 😀

      • Uh HUH!!! … I do have “a cunning plan” for looking after our endangered wild life and keeping a few tasty peaches, and other delish fruit, for my own consumption 😉 … just need time to work out the best strategy. Am taking photos, keeping a running record and may just blog about it further down the track? {chuckle} 🙂

        • I am sure I am not the only one who would be interested in a post about possum kryptonite! I am lucky, we don’t have a problem with hungry possums, but with at least one possum hanging around out there I guess it is only a matter of time 🙂

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