8 comments on “People aren’t the only ones suffering in the heat!

    • I thought they made a lot of noise when they are feeding but the volume level went up massively while they were having a splash 😀

  1. What a nice Man 🙂 I hope the King Parrot managed a few sips! As much as the feeders, even though the river is within sight, the big plant pot saucers of water and bird bath in our yard are popular with the birds of all sizes from maggies and big white pigeons, to parrots and finches.

    • It was nice of him 🙂 After seeing how happy the birds were I was glad he noticed the hot one. I am not sure if the King Parrot even got a look in, but there are other water sources around. Just like you, we have a river about two hundred metres away, a large water bowl out the front with a swamp plant in it (so the bees can stand on the leaves and get a drink without falling in) and the neighbours have a proper bird bath with a splashy thing on the top. Nevertheless, they all clearly enjoyed the bowl on the ground more than any of the other offerings.

      I noticed a wide shallow creamic bowl at the nursery the other day, maybe I should get a couple so different birds can bathe without having to run the gauntlet of the Lorries, I would love to get some regular Finches hanging around like yours. They don’t have much of a chance against the bigger birds, do they!

      I have really noticed this year that the birds have clear habitat preferences. The neighbours well-stocked and proper bird feeder is ignored if there is a handful of seeds scattered on our grass, the bird bath next door is rarely used for other than a quick drink whereas this old bowl on the ground was being fought over.
      I wonder if it is the cool grass that they are all attracted to? There is very little of it in our immediate area, we are probably the only ones for streets with actual green grass. The birds enjoyment of it has made me very pleased that I have put in all the effort in lugging around grey water hoses to keep it going through the heat. 😀

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