21 comments on “It’s hot, and I hate it…..

    • It’s awful isn’t it? A fridge is a good idea! If only petrol was cheaper I think I would have spent the day driving around in my lovely air conditioned cocoon!

  1. Yuck. It makes me feel so much better about spending my week at a constant airconditioned 22 C. In those temps without aircon in the house I would be melting, laying in front of the fan, eating ice cubes, driving around with the aircon on in the car, at the shopping centre or movies, and whinging big time. Can you escape somewhere for at least the weekend?

    • Nup, it is a long weekend this time so everywhere is booked or already full! The kids wanted to go for a bike ride this weekend too, I might have to say no to that one!

      I remember those days of spending all day in a nice cool office… I don’t miss the politics, but I do miss the cool! 😀

      • I just realised leaving the office it was a Vic long weekend. It might be you need to find a shady spot somewhere to relax & swim 🙂

    • I’ve got aircon too but I hate what it does to my sinuses so use it sparingly. Can’t sleep with it on either. What I’d give for a breath of cool, FRESH air…

      • Fortunateky Sydney is experiencing normal Autumn weather 🙂 Our old apartment was really hot and we dreaded February. This one has aircon but we use it sparingly… the dollars mentally click over when I see the glow of the little red & green light. I also hate sleeping with it on but sometimes we ignore the cost and snufflieness to get a couple of hours sleep without bloody train noise 😉

        • Ah.. I’m so envious. March feels just like February this year. I didn’t get much sleep last night so I caved early today and turned the aircon on about an hour ago. My house usually stays cool until about 5pm, but only if I can get it cooled down overnight. Just didn’t happen last night. Ah well, roll on April.

        • That’s what stops me from using our small ac more, the thought of paying the bill is as bad as the horrible heat!
          An advantage of not having immediate neighbours and no through traffic is that we can sleep with the window and curtain open to let even the tiniest zephyr of a breeze come through, it is the only way to get to sleep sometimes!

  2. I am sure you’ll be able to sympathise with me as we had ONE WARM day and then all the daffodils came out and the frogs have emerged from hibernation. Spring is here. Just not sure we’ve had winter yet as it’s straight away cold again! Perhaps not sympathise then…

  3. I read this earlier and got distracted before I could comment. It’s now after midnight and still horrible. Sooooooo sick of summer. 😦

  4. The next couple of days, when you factor in windchill, they’re expecting -8 in parts of the UK. Whilst I would love warmer weather right now, I don’t think I want it in the 30s. Too hot for me! I hope it cools soon 🙂

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