13 comments on “Solar powered dog.

  1. I grew up with cats, and share my apartment with one right now (he thinks he owns it). When I was growing up we always referred to the cats as “heat seeking missiles” as they would always find the warm spots. Because of cats, I know the location of hot water pipes in the 19th century building where I live. I bet my cat would spend the entire winter on a solar panel if he found one.

    • My sister is a bit the same, on a cold day she is the one always plastered to the front of the heater. Goodness, I can only imagine the battles in the house if she had a cat like yours or a dog like ours! 🙂

  2. Very handy to have a heat seeking dog to go with your solar panels. Surely a little dog coat wouldn’t hurt 🙂 On a recent visit to our house at Taylors Arm, we utilised the neighbour’s cat who spends a goodly amount of time in our yard, for the same purpose. There was a chilly wind blowing for a couple of days but locating the cat in the garden led us to the warm sheltered spots also 🙂

    • I can just imagine you, stalking the cat around the garden with a folding chair and a book just waiting for it to settle, and then shooing it on its way 😉

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