9 comments on “The Darling River, a bird lovers paradise!

  1. Great images. I like bird wildlife – they always make you feel popular even if it is just for the bit of food you just might have on you. It is always interesting to witness the smaller birds harassing the larger seemingly more aggressive birds, but the annoying methodology is effective because those larger birds get tired of it and move on.

    • Thank you. Birds who live in a very public place are always great for photos. They are so used to humans that they only move off if you actually chase them.

      San Remo, on the mainland near Phillip Island, has a small group of fishing boats and a popular fish and chip shop. At 11ish each day someone from the shop comes out with a bucket of offcuts and hordes of pelicans come zooming in for a free feast. It is quite spectacular and people come from everywhere to see it. I can tell you I wouldn’t want to be the one holding the bucket, they just about have to beat the huge birds off with a stick!

      I love seeing smaller birds chase off bigger ones. We have Wedgetailed Eagles near home and it is not unusual to see these enormous birds flying along, being trailed by 3 or 4 tiny birds all taking turns to harass it. The small birds always seem to win and I always think that all it would take is for the eagle to turn around and grab one of them and it would be an easy dinner!

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