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    • Good idea! Had it been less chilly out there on the front verandah I think I might have had a hard time getting him out of it. Number 1 is nearly as big as me so he would have had a hard time fitting in though.

  1. Now that’s a good use of offspring. And he enjoyed it, too.

    Of course, if you don’t want to wheel the bin around, you can get a long hose, stick one end in the bin full of water, suck on the other end until you get enough suction that water begins flowing out of the far end of the hose and, presto, you can water your garden without having to carry buckets. Usually the longer the hose, the more suction it takes, but it’s not too difficult.

    • What little boy wouldn’t want to be part of this? 🙂 He was pretty thrilled to get inside a bin and not have to be fumigated afterwards.
      The tap at the bottom is threaded for hose connectors and I have a low flow sprinkler head for it designed for this kind of usage. I wont have to suck, I’ll just let it do its own thing!

  2. Ha ha ha… that made me laugh because 3 years ago I had the same prob. When my son-in-law came round to pick up the little lad, after we’d enjoyed a day of fun and frivolity, the two of them affixed the tap to my blue bin in exactly the same way. Shame I didn’t get a pic of them at it… thanks for bringing back a fun memory 🙄

    • Glad I’m not the only one utilizing my own captive workforce. 🙂
      I was glad I thought to grab my camera when I put him in, I got a few good pics of his smiley head poking out too. 😀

  3. Ha, ha, that’s brilliant! Glad you got the tap fixed and sorted so quickly. Great idea to reuse the water from the washing machine like that. We have blue bins here in the UK as well. They are for recycling, plastic, newspapers ect, we also have a black bin for general waste, and a green bin for garden use. Wonder if you son 2 was pretending he was in a TARDIS, those blue bins do look a bit like Dr Who’s time machine! Enjoy the school holidays!

    • Last summer I kept the back grass green and lush for the first time ever with the help of the grey water from the washing machine. I’m hoping that being a bit more organised this year means I can keep even more of it green while all around us withers and yellows.

      I have only seen these blue bins for water, we have green bins for everything else but bigger with a yellow lid for recycling. I hadn’t thought of calling it a Tardis, probably just as well, he might have never let me have it back!

      • Yes, its nice to see the grass all green. Sure you will be able to keep it green now you have things more organized.

        We’ve had three bins here in the UK for a few years now, before everyone just went into one, which wasn’t that good.

        Ha, ha, yeah, probably just as well you didn’t say it looked like a TARDIS, he wouldn’t have let you have it back!

        • We also have another green bin for garden waste but we don’t see too many of them around here, most people compost or burn off. It looks just like the waste bin so I’m not sure how the truck tells the difference between green and rubbish!

  4. I have a couple of those tap bins in the garden too! I bought them back when we had the ferocious water restrictions. I’d fill them during the water use windows and then use up the water on my most precious plants when mains watering wasn’t allowed.

    Now I just keep them for fire use. How are you going to get the grey water /into/ the wheelie bin?

    • I have been wanting one for ages and I thought I had better get one soon, the hot weather will be upon us before we know it!
      It was bought for the garden but with the intent of having it there for fires if needed. If it works as well as I hope I will get more just for those scary fire days.

      The floor at the laundry end of the house is high enough that I can put the bin near the verandah and run a GW hose into it then I just have to drag it to where I want it and pull the connected hose and sprinkler in the best place.
      I can always put it where I want and drain the washing machine into buckets, running about to fill it for later use. At least I won’t have to dump the whole lot in one go like I did last summer. That meant placing the GW hose in strategic places where it wouldn’t run down to water the neighbours garden leaving my grass sad and dry!

      • With your wheelie bin full, you should have enough pressure to run the hose fairly well. If you’re a member of Diggers, they used to sell a low pressure sprinkler that could run on tank water.

        I’ve used it from my 2000 ltr tanks but I think yours should work as well so long as the sprinkler is downhill from the wheelie bin.

        • I have one on order from the Diggers! (Amongst other stuff I probably don’t need, ahh, the curse of online shopping… 😉 ) I’m hoping it will sprinkle my grass and keep it green. If not, cracking its tap for a drip feed will do just as well.

          • Ok excellent! And yes, Digger’s catalogue/online store is a terrible temptation for me too. If you go the path of the drip feed though, you might want to tie a thin stocking over the end of the hose. The amount of lint that comes out of my washing machine is scary.

          • I have a washing machine that is so rough I think it could probably polish rocks! I let it dump straight onto the grass and only see lint if a new towel has been washed. One or two washes and anything loose has been stripped from it and I am back to clear water. Well, except for that rubber backed mat… Stripped almost naked the poor thing…. 😉
            I think the thing that makes the most lint is polar fleece and number 2 has a bad skin reaction to it so that hasn’t been the wardrobe for years.

            I’m glad I’m not the only Diggers shop sucker. I went on to get one plant and the sprinkler but $100 later…. I do love getting packages in the post though, makes it all worthwhile. 😀

          • Ah! We wear a lot of windcheaters and other fluffy things so that may explain the lint. And you are definitely not the only Diggers fan. 😀 I love looking through their catalogues and always have far more seeds than I can possibly use. And I adore going down to Heronswood in Dromana. That’s one of my very favourite day trips. Lunch, hours in the gardens and then a shopping spree in their nursery. Happy days. 🙂

          • I’m doing my best to convince the Man to go to one of the Diggers shops but he is a little resistant. I know he loves that kind of stuff but I think he is just too scared to go with me. I can fit a LOT in my car….. 😉

          • lol – tell him there’s a restaurant at Heronswood that has the /best/ food. That should get him moving. 🙂 The kids will love the place as well. The sister-in-law and I would take the kids down there at least once a summer. One time we were there we discovered the Heronswood cat blissed out on catnip in the back paddock. He must be long gone by now but he was such a character, and totally addicted to his catnip that grew wild in the paddock. 😀

  5. What a great idea, I have never seen these, only 44 gallon drums under disconnected or chained downpipes. I had visions of Cookie Monster attached to the hand, popping out of the bin while Big Bird ambled up over to see what was going on.

    • I’m sure if I had hidden a plate of cookies in it I still couldn’t have got him in there any faster! 😀
      They are a good idea, when the bad water restrictions were on they were everywhere but now it is cold and there is plenty of water around they are less common. This poor thing was on the back of a high shelf at Bunnings, covered in dust.
      My thoughts are also of having it ready to go on the verandah to fill from the hose on a fire day, just in case.

    • He is a very helpful chap. A few years ago when we sold our camper trailer it had a very long cupboard that went around a corner. No matter how I contorted myself I couldn’t reach the back to clean it! I wanted to sent our friend off in the best condition I could so I enlisted number 2’s help, handed him a cloth and he climbed in. Voila! Clean cupboard and he laughed all the way through. 😀

  6. I love that photo! I think he must have inherited his quirky sense of humour from his mother. 🙂

    Oh dear, I never thought of Diggers having an online site. Why did you and Meeks have to bring it to my attention? i have to agree — the place is great to visit, and the food really good, and healthy (but don’t tell the boys).

    • Oops, sorry about that, I’m going to advise you to stay far away from it. It is just as bad as Bunnings, you go on for one thing and then you see that other thing, and that thing and you must have them all. After all, what is the point of them packing a box just for that one lonely plant? It needs at least one friend for the trip and maybe a book, and some netting, and…. and…. and…. 😀

      • I think a Diggers site would be more of a trap for me that Bunnings. At least at Bunnings I can ignore the pipes and scanners. At Diggers, well, it would be a treasure trove. As you say….just one more plant so the others don’t get lonely on the journey!

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