18 comments on “More sundews.

  1. I was curious re these intriguing, gorgeous plants so Googled their esoteric properties “…Based on the *essence for Drosera spathulata. The tiny flowers that are raised high above the solid base, wobble around in the breeze. Hence this would suggest it is good for people who are too ‘airy’ in that they have their ‘heads in the clouds’ day dreaming too much. This helps ground a person. Also good for those occasions when the astral body is somewhat detached from the body. Vagueness, disconnectedness, split, indecisive, lack focus, daydreamer. Attention to detail, grounded, focused, living in the present. Related subtle bodies: mental, astral, and etheric.” http://www.druidry.org/library/trees/australian-ogham
    *Australian Bush Flower – http://www.bushflowerhealing.com/single/sundew.html
    It also one of the flowers listed for the astrological sign of Taurus.
    I’m becoming even more convincec you live in a magical place 🙂

    • Eeek! I never want to be cured of too much daydreaming! 😉
      That’s probably just as well for the sundews, I think they might all up sticks and wander off to another garden if I started grinding them up for medicinal purposes…. I even apologised profusely to the ones I knocked over in my efforts to get the photo.

      They do seem very magical and fairylike, I could easily see how those properties were attached to them. 😀

  2. You must have been sending vibes my way Metan coz I went out looking this afternoon. Did a complete perimeter of the fenceline down the back – the areas least likely to be trampled or munched – but nothing. 😦

    I found quite a bit of native violet growing, and one lone mushroom [not one of your monsters sadly] but everything else was just grass or weeds. I even peeked over into next door’s block but no luck.

    My trip down to the nether regions wasn’t a waste though as I then spent an hour trudging up and down carrying fallen branches to a pile for burning. With the grass starting to shoot up again it’s almost impossible to see even big-ish branches from a distance. I’m going to have to do a bit of gathering every day I think. Plus I found a huge branch that must have broken off the top of one of the trees and become stuck on the way down. No idea what I’m going to do with that one. -sigh-

    I wish there was an aussie version of the shoemaker’s elves, but for the garden!

    Btw those little sundews are quite gorgeous in a shy, retiring kind of way.

    • Oh well, no sundews but you achieved something useful anyway. Funny how those fallen branches can sneak in without being noticed isn’t it? Too bad about the high one, they always freak me out. Can you tie something heavy to a rope and throw it over to help you pull it down? If not, hopefully the wind will knock it out soon, and without damaging anything.

      I love the native violets,they are so beautiful. We have them here too. Apparently you can eat them! We just leave them to be pretty though, I’m not that hungry. 😀

      Hardworking garden fairies would be very useful wouldn’t they! What would we have to leave them as thanks…. Tiny gumboots? Chainsaw sharpening files? Sunblock? 😉

  3. Most sundews self-pollinate, but when insect pollinators are involved they are usually bigger than the typical prey species – I guess this means they are strong enough to escape should they accidentally set foot on a sticky leaf.

    • I guessed the they probably self pollinate, the flowers only grow at the very top of the plant, and all of the ones in the same area open for the same short period so it made me think they didn’t need help.

      I still imagined a fly going from plant to plant, “Nope, too sticky again. What about that one? Hmmm… Much better, I’m going in!” 😀

      The blobs of stickiness are so small they can only really catch the smallest of flies so I imagine anything bigger would only find them annoying more than actually dangerous.
      Maybe that’s why the plants seem to be banding together in ever denser clumps? Trying to make a Mega Sundew! If I go missing one day you’ll know where to look for me, up the back shouting “Wow! Look at this! Aargh, aargh, aargh….” 😀

  4. Whenever I see a roadside sign ‘Heavy Plant Crossing’ I always think of Triffids. Maybe I should now think of Sundews and look for ‘Light Plant Crossing’. I’ll be waiting to see if Meeks can get any and how many of the alpacas survive. xxx Hugs Galore xxx

    • Instead of stomping about the place these guys would just be sneaking about in plain sight, totally unnoticed. Unnoticed, that is, until you hear the Jaws music and find yourself stuck to the front path…. Dah nah. Dah nah…. 😀

    • It is great to see them doing so well, love having them in the garden. I normally love bugs too but I don’t mind seeing the tiny and annoying flies being eaten by them, there are so many of the little buggers it probably makes no dent in the population whatsoever!

      • Yeah, its nice to see a plant thrive and grow so well. Its good that some of those annoying flies get eaten by the plants as well. At least it gets rid of a few of them for you.

    • Thank you. 🙂 I need to wave them under the nose of the Man next time he goes near the mower to remind him why he should just find something else to do!

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