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  1. That’s a prize winning portrait of Jack. Enjoy the outdoors, it’s only fitting to celebrate the end of winter. We all know this weather will turn, one way or another. At least now if you venture indoors the TV and radio will not have election advertisements etc… as of the midnight blackout – yay 🙂

    • Yay for the blackout! Can’t wait for the election to be over so we can go back to the constant low-level sniping rather than the full on bitching we have been suffering for the last few weeks.

      There have been a few drops of rain this morning so I’m sure this weekend won’t be as lovely as the last, of course we will be complaining about the heat in no time won’t we?!

      • Before we complain about the heat, we have to complain about the pollen… apparently tomorrow will be a peak pollen count… atchoo!
        But yes, weekend looking to be rainy, and with trackwork happening, I’m already reconsidering our plans… sometimes alwys comes up when we make plans.
        I’m still not sure who to vote for in the election but I’m voting for a repeat of last summer’s weather, at least while I’m on holidays.
        Your garden will enjoy the rain 🙂

        • Fortunately, and despite having two asthmatics in the house, pollen isn’t something we have a problem with, very lucky considering the Wattles that are all around the street.
          We never make plans either, just as with you, something will always mess with them!

          As for the election, I’m still wavering too, although living in a safe seat really means my vote isn’t going to change the world. I admit taking a perverse delight in Rudd’s grasp on the top job slipping away. I think he thought that chucking Julia out would mean the country would fall at his feet but it seems that the public got over him quite quickly. I still can’t believe that Tony kept it together for the entire election and didn’t screw up massively though. The first time an election might be won by the leader who kept his head down the most!
          Just as well there has been Palmer etc, there would have been no entertainment without them. 🙂 I have just turned on the news and there is Clive telling us that Rupert Murdoch’s wife is a Chinese spy who has been reporting his activities to the Chinese government for years…. I would love to peer into an alternate universe where Katter and Palmer rule and see what they would get up to. Not live in that world of course! Just peer in amusedly. 😀

          • I agree re Julia & Kev, and every woman I spoke to does too, and it made a difference last election.
            I heard an interview with Clive Palmer this morning… whoo boy…
            Abbott apparently says he will quit if he doesn’t win… now it’s getting interesting 😉
            The G.O. and I vote in separate electorates – him Cowper (TA), me Sydney. Cowper is safe Nat Party seat, and Sydney safe Labor but I think the Greens will make significant gains in the Sydney electorate
            At least the sausage sizzle will be enjoyable on Saturday 🙂

  2. I’m with Ella – gorgeous portrait of Jack. She really is a lovely little dog.
    I only managed to about an hour a day outdoors because of the assignments I had to finish, but that hour included checking my fruit trees and smiling at all the pinks and whites of the blossoms. I wouldn’t mind staying like this forever!

    • She is lovely, my little shadow is rarely more than arms reach away and has her chin on my foot right now.
      This is perfect weather isn’t it? Sunny but not hot, beautiful blue sky days… lovely. Our fruit trees are in various stages of blossom now too, it is wonderful stuff isn’t it, it makes me feel like planting more and more things. I am off to Bunnings over the weekend to get a few more raised garden beds in the hopes of getting more veg in in time for summer. Getting the dirt up the hill to them doesn’t inspire me at all though! 😉

      • Just think about how nice those home grown veg will taste. 🙂

        I managed to plant out my garlic from last year’s crop so atm I have 2 lots of garlic growing, artichokes, celery, leeks [transplanted from the deck where they were not doing well], green peas, parsley and some radish and lettuce self-seeded from last year. I would like to do more but I’m still slowly tidying up from the storm a few weeks back. Just collecting all the small dry branches is a never ending chore. Inbetween times I’m digging up the capeweed and killing it off in a wheelie bin. That stuff just does not die.

        • That sounds like a great lot of veg. 🙂 I think that everyone should just grow something, it doesn’t have to be everything you eat (as nice as that would be) but just being able to go and pick something at dinner time is SO satisfying isn’t it? I’ve even infected the Man now, he planted a bed of blue potatoes recently and was out there giving them a bit of encouragement last night.

          • I think that the bug strikes mainly when you have your own house, it doesn’t feel like there is much point going to all that effort when it isn’t for yourself.

          • You could be right there. I learned most of what I know from my Dad as a kid, but didn’t catch the bug until I was in my early 30’s.

        • I finally got them in the ground a few weeks ago and three of the four are going along happily. One of them just wilted as soon as it was planted though. 😦 I was even driven to digging it up and checking to see if something was going on underground. All was well but the roots were just grey and dead! It is gasping its last now and I will have to yank it out soon. I found it quite strange as I turned over the ground well and fertilised it a week earlier etc etc etc, all the nice things for them. The spot that it was planted in was one where the weeds had been particularly vigorous too so maybe there was something delicious in the soil that it just didn’t like.
          I will wait to see how the others go for a few more weeks and then order another one or two and see how it goes.

          • 3 out of 4 ain’t bad. That 4th one may just have had something wrong with it to start with. Or perhaps it was just more delicate than the others and didn’t take to being planted out. Last year I bought about 10 special strawberry plants from Diggers and 9 either died or were eaten by snails. The one lone survivor is still going strong though. It’s a Japanese variety whose fruit is meant to be delicious but too delicate for commercial growing. Haven’t had any fruit off it yet but I’m hopeful this year it may take off.

          • They must be very yummy strawbs for the snails to destroy them so thoroughly! I have a heap of strawberry plants that have been around in pots for years, planted and replanted… The Man built a step garden bed for them a while ago so they finally have a proper home and some are already flowering so they must be happy.

            I think that the one tea plant must have just been pushed too far when it was replanted. They seem a little fragile, the trip here through the post really seemed to take its toll on them so I didn’t plant them for ages until they recovered a bit. You’re right though, three out of four isn’t bad at all.

            I love getting new plants, if only my plant bed building budget was as big as my dreams!

          • Oak trees and acorns Metan. 🙂 I’ve been at it for over 8 years now and yet my place still looks a lot like a horse paddock!

            As for the strawbs. Yes I bought all exotic ones so that probably didn’t help and the snails have been in plague proportions the last couple of years.

  3. How good is this weather? I am all outdoors all the time, but today ruined everything by raining on me and not even being warm. Sulk.

    There is a nursery around the corner from me that has a) coffee and b) a playground for wee children, so next time you’re in the neighbourhood an hour from your home, we should totally catch up there. They smell so nice! I can’t remember the last time I even went in one.

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