25 comments on “Cows on the inside. A cautionary tale.

    • You certainly can’t believe everything you read! This cracked me up though, *reading, reading, reading* cow…. COW! What on earth?! I thought maybe I had finally overdosed on the cold and flu tablets. 😉

  1. Mind boggling……1896? can’t believe that description doesn’t belong in a whole different era……like at least a few centuries earlier. How in the name of sanity did that pass the editorial section of the newspaper?? Oh yes, perfectly plausible, don’t hold the press!

    • And the rest of the page it was on was filled with the normal articles of the day, nothing to make you expect that a tiny misplaced cow hanging out in a tummy might be waiting to confuse your reality…. 🙂

      I wonder how many people read it and believed?

        • There there… *pats back*

          Imagine if you could produce tiny cows from eating too much dairy? Brilliant stuff. Does that mean I could make tiny chickens if I ate too many eggs? Midget porkers from too much bacon? A whole new world of tiny critters awaits!

  2. And then the bizarre statement that the child died of a ‘mystery disease’. What, having a cow living in his stomach and grazing on the stomach lining wasn’t enough to kill the poor chap?!!

    • I guess the intended butter-filled recipient of this message wasn’t smart enough to need to read about an actual disease, a mystery one was enough!

      Hmm, grazing on the stomach lining? Hadn’t thought of that, slowly nibbling its way to freedom to burst out Alien-style at the dinner table one night. 🙂

  3. I used to think that chewing gum stuck to your ribs for seven years if you swallowed it. I guess all kids are gullible to some degree, especially with things they can’t see, like what goes on inside the body.

    • It’s a bit like being told eating your crusts will make your hair curly or that carrots will make you see better in the dark isn’t it? And even when we know it can’t possibly be true we use it on our own kids!

  4. And spinach will give you muscles like Popeye the Sailor Man… The article is a much more imaginative version of today’s scientific studies blather… don’t eat x it will will give you a heart attack and/or cancer… eat too much butter and you’ll get cows grazing in your stomach… Much more interesting. I wonder if the kid it was aimed at ever ate another stick of butter? What do you need to eat to get butterflies in your stomach…

    • Why, caterpillars of course! Although, with the flap of a butterflies wing and the ensuing tornado, you might just end up with wind… 😉

      I agree that the possibility of cows is far more entertaining than improved eyesight or extra muscles. If only we could find out if this article worked on the subject, or any other greedy kid making inroads into the family’s butter supply.

      • I have a juice green caterpillar eating my plants but nup, I’ll pass on that.
        My Dad’s not 1896 vintage but he’s old enough, and I’m seeing him on the weekend, so I’ll ask if he’s ever heard of this type of scare tactics… it wouldn’t surprise me if my family were purveyors of such nonsense with the best of intentions… anything to get kids to behave!

  5. A miniature cow, a spring of water and butter. It makes perfect sense…. the only thing that baffles me is what bozo allowed this article to be published in the first place! This has to be your weirdest find yet Metan.

    I was about to click post and go make a coffee when I had a sudden flash of someone being interviewed after an alien abduction.

    The more things change…

  6. a) This was in THE PAPER??
    b) readingkills.com is my new blog and you should follow it because you are my sister and it’s your job.
    c) I can’t believe none of you thought that it was real. I assumed that he died from swallowing a toy cow and that doctors aren’t very clever in the past. 😛

    • a) Yeah baby, the paper. Warms yer heart, doesn’t it? 🙂
      b) readingkills? Lemme look….. Ahhhh, Australian crime books? OF COURSE I’LL FOLLOW!
      c) I guess a toy cow would need to be liberally slathered in butter to go down without doing too much oesophageal damage…..

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