19 comments on “All The Single Laydeez.

  1. Much prefer The Pigs version, and yes, the song will stay with me now for the rest of the day, which as we celebrate a relationship milestone today, hearing me humming “if you like it put a ring on it” may freak the G.O. out a little… 😉

    • I have to agree, this version is my preferred one. I first heard it ages ago and I still find myself humming it unexpectedly, it stuck in my head far more than the original Beyonce version ever did.

      When looking for the youtube clip it led me to a few other country versions of popular songs that are completely brilliant. I will have to save them for another day though. Country is acceptable in small doses, one more post this week and my head might explode.

      Apologies to the G.O. for any imagined relationship angst he might suffer tonight. 😀

  2. I wonder if they hate you as much at home as I do right now. That will be stuck in my head all day unless I pull out something to put on the record ahem, CD player to overpower it. Just because you had a bad week last week no need to take it out on us.
    Hope the patients are better and the Government have removed the plague warning signs from either end of the valley.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    • Oh oh, o oh oh….. Sorry about that….

      The patients are better, thank you. After all, they should be as they passed all of the plague particles on to me in time for the weekend. Now they are all cowering in the corner waiting for my stuffed up head to explode.
      If you hear a bang you can breathe easy, I think you are probably far enough away to be out of the blast zone.

      Thanks for the hugs, even though they were probably delivered through gritted teeth. 😀

  3. I’ve been ill for ten day ever since the day the air conditioning packed up at Costa Coffee. It’s still not been fixed. That day I was banished to the toilet table (as usual) where, due to a logjam, some woman asked me if it would be “too gross” if she just changed her baby right in front of me instead.

    I’m a nice person, I didn’t object. Besides I’m sure it all just added to the ambience, or the general funk.

    Still being grown up means you have to look after yourself.

    • Gee, I hope you didn’t have to move your cuppa out of the way for the stinky bum! You’re far too nice, if she didn’t think it was too gross she would have done it near her own table.

      Sick after the AC packed it in? Eeeek! Legionnaires disease! Just kidding, although, if the workers at Costa start dropping like flies maybe you should be scared… 😉

      I am trying to look after myself, and Number 1 son is wonderfully helpful, he even did a load of washing, looked after the fireplace, and vaccuumed over the weekend, all without being asked.

        • He is a bit of a legend once he gets his housework head on. I am not known for my excellent housewife skills either so he is clearly a throwback to someone better at it than I. I was helping Number 2 make cupcakes in the kitchen so Number 1 even gently swept the floor around us instead of spreading the dust into the mix with the vicious vaccuum cleaner. My hero. 🙂

          Of course he is good at washing but not so good at the next bit. What he did was supply me with a basket of wet stuff that needed to be hung out. Oh well, better than having to do it all myself. 🙂

  4. I often wonder how a band decides to take music that’s essentially diametrically opposed to their sound and make their own version. Whatever the case, this is far superior to the original, but then again, I’m not a fan of the original artist.

    • I wonder the same thing, as some of the versions out there are completely crazy but work so well.
      Glad you liked this version, it certainly puts a smile on my face. 😀

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