10 comments on “Something Going Around.

  1. I love The Pigs 🙂
    The End Of Winter Lurgy seems to strike just when we think we’re out of the woods… Apparently there is a Norovirus (stomach bug) Going Around and/or a version that presents respiratory flu symptoms also. Both are stalking my work colleagues. I have almost worn the skin off my hands from washing them. I assume you do similar and/or have amazing resistance to bugs. I hope it goes no further in your household.

    • I am definitely not a country music fan but The Pigs…. Hilarious! 😀

      I hate saying ‘something is going around’ because people are too quick to blame that for everything but this time I think I am completely justified. Not only are you describing the very thing stalking us all the way down here in Melbourne, but so many of the teachers at the boy’s school have been affected this week that the stray kids are crammed so tightly they are falling out of the doors of the available teachers classrooms!

      I’m hoping I don’t get it either, but I expect that all those “thank you mum” hugs gave me more than love….. 😦

      • Gah… it’s a vicious circle isn’t it? Teachers get sick, kids are crammed into the few remaining classrooms and then everyone gets sick. The Daughter had a cold for almost 2 weeks. In desperation I suggested she paint iodine on her tummy for a couple of days and bingo! Something worked. It may have been co-incidence, but I think the iodine helped her immune system fight back. Apparently we don’t get much iodine in our food here so supplementing externally can help. Do NOT drink it though. Just paint on about a 20 cent coin worth. If the stain disappears within 8 hours you’ll know you’re low on iodine.

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