16 comments on “Unwell, and driving me crazy.

    • Doubly crossed, number 2 son spent the day at a basketball round robin, returning as a member of the Grand Final winners and completely and utterly spent. He nearly fell asleep in his dinner and went to bed early with a splitting headache. I hope he has a miracle recovery overnight! 🙂

    • Yeah, thanks… No comfort at all…. 🙂
      Previously The Man held the Worst Patient title but he has been usurped by Number 1, I guess that might be because I am far nicer to the kids when they make unreasonable demands. If The Man flops his hand pathetically at the drink just out of reach and moans for help he knows he is just wasting his energy. 😀

          • -giggles- So how is No. 1? And how are /you/?

            Btw I’m reading Tom Cole’s book and its… bloody brilliant!
            I don’t know what I was expecting but the man writes really well – as in erudite. Plus he has a wry sense of humour and isn’t afraid of dropping the F-bomb where appropriate. 😉

          • So pleased to hear Tom hasn’t let us down. 😀

            Number 1 is definitely on the road to normality but I suspect that tickle in the back of my throat will be a billion times worse tomorrow. 😦 oh well, the family had better get ready for some payback… 😉

  1. I hope by now you’ve managed to get a few hours to yourself. Interesting you chose this clip… it’s one of the few Matchbox Twenty songs I don’t like… in fact it irrates me, much like unwell people, but I do like your re-interpretation of the lyrics. I’m happy to offer practical support but sympathy isn’t my forte (lucky I don’t have kids huh). Possibly because when I’m sick, which I’m not often, I like to be left alone. Much like a cat, I take myself off somewhere quiet, and emerge when I feel better. I’m pretty sure this suits the G.O. just fine.

    • No hours at all. 😦 Number 1 son returned to school in time for Number 2 to get sick so I am sitting here peering through bleary, tired, eyes after being on high fever call during the night.
      *nods off unexpectedly, hits head on table*

      I am not known for my tolerance either so sick people annoy me too! I can put that aside for the kids, not anyone else though. I get the love back when I am sick so it makes it all worthwhile, the kids bring me drinks and food and fuss over me, sometimes slightly annoying but all done for love so I can’t possibly complain. 😀

  2. Oh, poor you. I do hope that your boys don’t have to show their nursing “skills” to you — that is, that you haven’t caught the lurgy from them. There are some nasties going around.

    I like the song, especially the banjo. And the dog in the video made me smile!

    Big hugs to you.

    • I’m glad you liked it. 🙂
      There are a lot of nasties going around at the moment, I don’t think the ongoing cold and damp are doing us any favours are they? Thanks for your positive thoughts, I really hope the plague avoids me too!

    • Glad you liked it. 🙂
      A week later and we had all recovered fortunately, the lurgy strode through the valley striking down all in its path. For a while it seemed there wasn’t a single healthy person in town!

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